Ever wish you could brainstorm with your sales
management peers on how to solve tough problems?

The Sales Management Challenge is a program where difficult, real-world sales management scenarios are presented and sales managers, executives and thought leaders share how they would tackle them. Our charge is to help sales managers make informed decisions in their roles through their participation in this skill development program.

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What Pricing Authority Should Salespeople Have?

Should Salespeople Be Eligible For Annual Salary Increases?

Should Salespeople Be Included in Annual Employee Performance Reviews?

If A Salesperson Made A Pricing Mistake, Would You Honor The Deal?

How Do You Implement a Uniform Sales Compensation Plan?

Considering A Salesperson For A Sales Manager Role, What Do You Look For?

As A New Sales Manager, What Is Your Opening Message To The Team?

What Do You Do When Client Contracts Are Unprofitable?

Would You Hire A Product Salesperson to Sell Services?

Channel Salespeople versus Direct Salespeople, Are There Differences?

Responsibility Without Authority, How Does A Sales Manager Succeed?

Would You Rehire a Salesperson Who Quit?

Would You Hire A Salesperson With Poor Writing Skills?

We Are Losing Money On This! Sales Expressions That Cause Mistrust

Are Stacked Rankings A Performance Driver or Morale Killer?

How Do You Get Prospects Interested When They Are Happy With Their Current Provider?

How Do You Rollout A New Sales Compensation Plan?

How Can A Sales Manager Thrive When The CEO Used To Run Sales?

Can A Selling, Sales Manager Succeed or Is this Role Flawed?

Where Does Effective Sales Management End and Micro Management Begin?

How Do You Manage a Virtual Sales Team to Drive Results?

What Are Your Best Sales Kickoff Meeting Ideas?

Industry Experience vs. Sales Management Acumen – Which Is More Important When Hiring A Sales Manager?

When Making A First Hire, Should It Be A Salesperson or Sales Manager?

How Do You Manage A Salesperson Who Ignores Chain of Command?

What Do You Do When Market Rumors Are Killing Sales?

What Do You Do When Your Assigned Sales Quota Is Not Achievable?

What Do You Do When A Prospect Wants References And You Don’t Have Them?

How Can Salespeople Use LinkedIn for Business Development?

What Do You Do When Your Top Salesperson Is Also An Internal Nightmare?

What Do You Do When A Sales Compensation Plan Has A Huge Loophole?

When A Salesperson Resigns, Do You Allow Her to Work the Final Two Weeks?

What Do You Do When You Are Losing New Clients During Implementation?

When Acquiring A Company, How Do You Handle Sales Compensation Differences?

Who Owns A Referral When It Is Outside An Assigned Sales Territory?

How Do You Skillfully Evaluate Sales Candidates?

What Advice Do You Have for A New Sales Manager?

How Do You Counsel Salespeople Who Have PipeDREAMS, Not PipeLINES?

How Does A Promoted Sales Manager Handle Jealous Direct Reports?

How Do You Resolve the Strife Between Sales and Operations?

How Do You Manage A Salesperson Who Always Asks For Lower Pricing?

How Do You Motivate A Downtrodden Sales Team?

How Do You Implement A New Sales Strategy With A Team That Cannot Execute It?

If You Lower Prices For New Clients, Do You Offer It To Existing Ones?

How Do You Handle A Salesperson, Who Wants Management, But Isn’t Ready For It?

Would You Negotiate With A Salesperson Who Resigned?

What Advice Would You Give to A New Salesperson?

How Do You Develop An Effective Sales Compensation Plan?

Would You Hire A Sales Candidate Disliked By Your Sales Team?

How Do You Evaluate Sales Candidates With Industry Experience?

Is Social Media A PERSONAL Issue or A PERSONNEL Issue?

When Hiring Recent Grads, How Do You Select The Ones Who Will Sell?

How Do You Find Sales Candidates When You Cannot Use Recruiters?

Which Salespeople Get Sales Manager Time?

How Do You Implement Sales Process With A Veteran Sales Team?

How Do You Hire A Salesperson Who Desires More Than You Want to Pay?

How Do You Implement a Hunter Farmer Strategy?

How Do You Succeed When Replacing A Popular Sales Manager?

How Do You Get New Salespeople to Follow the Sales Manager Not the Grizzled Veteran?

How Do You Add Headcount To The Sales Team Without Frustrating Your Veterans?