Do you know what salespeople are costing your company?
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Salesperson Profitability Calculator

Companies don’t hire salespeople. They make an investment in revenue. While the sales department is your source of revenue, it also represents a major expenditure for your business.

Use our Salesperson Profitability Calculator to determine when you will become profitable on your new sales hire investment.

Warning! Only proceed if you have the stomach to see the results.

  • Step 1:
    Enter the monthly salary paid to your salesperson
  • Step 2:
    Enter the total monthly cost of a salesperson to your company
    (include salary, benefits, commissions, overhead, travel, % of manager time, office space, etc.)
  • Step 3:
    Enter the expected profit percentage on the sales generated by the salesperson
  • Step 4:
    Select from the dropdown list the month in the salesperson’s tenure when you expect that their…
    • (a) Monthly revenue will match the monthly salary paid
    • (b) Monthly revenue will match their total monthly cost to the business
    • (c) Total revenue will match the total salary paid
    • (d) Total revenue will match the total cost to the business