Our Raving Fans

Lee came to us highly recommended and now I know why. Our members want actionable content during our programs and Lee delivered! He used master storytelling skills and insightful workshops to convey important concepts that our members could easily implement. Add us to the list that highly recommend Lee!
- Glenda Amar, Executive Director, Entrepreneurs Organization of Minnesota
Lee’s keynote was the highlight of our sales meeting. Energy… Humor… Content… His talk had it all, and it was fully tailored to our company which our team loved!
- Scott Halperin, Senior Vice President, Vensure
Lee Salz came highly recommended from my colleagues in the Executive Group. I was looking for someone to help us define sales processes and build a framework for scalable growth and Lee did exactly that for us. He challenged my three sales leaders and me to view sales through a different lens and provided us with the tools to do so. If you want to take your sales game to the next level, hire Lee!
- Jim Freed, President and CEO, NCBP
I’m 78 years old and have been in sales my entire professional life. However, I still wanted to up my game and hired Lee as my sales coach. In addition to helping me with strategy development, he helped me resurrect a dead deal and turn it into the biggest sale (and commission check) of my career. If you want someone to up your sales game, hire Lee! It’s the best investment you can make in your success.
Tom Sweeny, Regional Sales Manager, Pathguide Technologies, Inc.
Lee’s energy and enthusiasm for the topic of Sales Differentiation was infectious. His exceptional presentation inspired our sales team to embrace the concepts of value selling to overcome the challenge of “price” before it ever enters the conversation. After speaking at our Annual Sales Summit, our front line sellers left with a renewed enthusiasm for differentiating our offering through positioning strategies developed in collaboration with Lee. This important work shifts our focus from reacting to objections, to a proactive approach that builds a foundation of value in the eyes of our customers. Lee’s keynote will have a great impact towards the success of our company this year and going forward.
- Alex Evans, Vice President of Sales Operations & Effectiveness, Majestic Steel
We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Lee to come up with our Deal Obstacles playbook to assist our national sales team to grow and perform better. Lee's skill in coaching our team to explore the best way to resolve deal obstacles, articulate the solution well, and ask right questions has helped so many of our salespeople to grow and achieve amazing results. We highly recommend Lee Salz!
- Theo Kristoris, Managing Director, Leader Systems
Simply awesome! Lee delivered a masterful virtual keynote last year and a fantastic in-person keynote this year. My people have become huge Lee Salz fans.
- Michael Groeger, Vice President, Group Commercial & Specialty Sales, Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Arizona
Lee nailed it! He brought energy, content, and entertainment to the stage…the perfect speaker trifecta. Our attendees said his talk was the highlight of the conference.
- Jerry L. Mills, Founder & CEO, B2B CFO®
“After participating in Lee’s Sales Differentiation workshop program, we contracted with Sales Architects to conduct deal strategy sessions with our salespeople. From early stage deals, to getting deals unstuck, to RFP finalist opportunities, he provides keen insight to our salespeople resulting in them winning more deals at the right prices. Not only does he help them win individual deals, but he also taught them strategies they can repetitively use during deal pursuits."
- Bob Koch, GM, IT Services Business Unit, Mechdyne Corporation
We contracted with Sales Architects to bring structure to our business development approach. We don’t have dedicated salespeople; our practitioners handle business development. Lee facilitated a series of workshops with our business developers and helped us gain clarity on the proper approach to take with new client acquisition. As a result of those sessions, he wrote our business development playbook and created our business development certification program. Based on the deliverables Lee created, we can confidently expand our business development outreach and have a consistent approach when doing so.
- Nate Lilleodden, Managing Partner, Copeland Buhl & Company PLLP
Our company was looking for a professional to help us create a sales playbook. I interviewed several companies and ultimately chose Lee Salz and Sales Architects to take on the job. Our experience was nothing short of fantastic. Lee was responsible for keeping us on track, learning our organization and coaching us on 'what we might be missing.' What normally could have been a laborious and mundane process, Lee made fun and enjoyable. I now have a thorough step-by-step playbook to use to elevate my sales team's performance! Thanks, Lee!
- Jennifer Parratt, Director of Sales, Planet Depos
A little over a year ago, we contracted with Lee to help us develop a structure around sales and sales management. Lee quickly understood the nuances of our business and helped us refine our sales compensation plan, adjust our management style, and implement a culture of accountability with the team which created immediate results. He facilitated a series of virtual workshops with our team and developed our sales playbook for handling prospect discovery meetings that helped us standardize our approach. The results of our work with Lee? We developed a high-performance sales machine. This year, we set a new sales record, have a re-energized sales force, and a rock-solid foundation we will continue to build upon. If you are looking to add rigor to your sales and sales management approach, I highly recommend Lee.
- Jim Woodruff, CEO, NPA, Inc.
The NFDA/YFP Associations cannot say thank you enough to Lee Salz for his dynamic virtual presentation of “Sales Differentiation: Win More Deals at the Prices You Want!”. Lee’s energy was fantastic throughout the presentation, keeping everyone involved with a great balance of educational content, group activity/exercises, and excellent storytelling to help tie all of the practices and concepts we learned about into real word examples and applications. His program has been one of our most attended virtual events to date. We cannot wait to welcome Lee back in the near future for another program!
- Jake Glaser, YFP President
We worked with Lee to design a 2021 Sales Kick-Off that would be unique, compelling and FUN! With Lee’s lead and idea, we worked to devise our own ‘sales version’ of The Tonight Show. Man, did he crush it and we not only achieved our goals, but wove in a huge dose of interaction & FUN, hence 2-way communication vs. 1-way from a slide deck. The feedback I received over the next week, was some of the best I can recall and I have done these sorts of events for many moons. >50% of my professionals commented along the lines of: “that was the best I have ever witnessed…,” “I took an entire page of notes, full of nuggets to use in my sales efforts…” and “You guys looked like you were really enjoying the lack of PowerPoint slides.” We are engaging Lee and his creativity on an ongoing basis, as we continue to hire, grow our sales force and take market share from our competitors. We have already hired Lee for our 2022 Sales Kick-Off and advise you do the same.
- Trent Anderson, Vice President of Sales, LS Networks
We have about 200 people involved in sales. As the CEO, my people have been asking me to help them differentiate themselves from the competition. I read Lee Salz’s book, 'Sales Differentiation' and hired him. He helped us to create a playbook to teach our people to easily differentiate themselves. We are in the process of training our people to use the customized playbook and expect we will have great success by using the concepts that Lee helped us to design and document.
- Jerry Mills, CEO, B2B CFO®
We recently had Lee as a guest speaker during our Virtual National Sales Meeting. Lee was successful in providing key insights and a focused message on what sales activities our sellers should be focused on in this unique and extremely challenging environment. He provided specific recommendations on the need to stay engaged with clients, best practices for virtual communications, and to insure our sales approach addressed the specific business outcomes that are critical to our clients: growing revenues, cost reductions, and driving efficiency. Lee gave us a break from PowerPoint fatigue and delivered his message without visual aids. His energy level and passion set the perfect uplifting tone for our meeting. Lastly, Lee was able to adeptly address questions of the team based upon his experiences and his Sales Differentiation framework. He reiterated the need to be sensitive to our clients and business leaders navigating the unusual circumstances the pandemic has created. If you are looking for a sales thought leader to stimulate and raise the level of performance of your team, I highly recommend Lee.
- Mark Knurek, North American Sales Manager, Lubrizol Advanced Materials
We have contracted with Lee time and time again to deliver virtual masterclasses for our lead generation programs. Why do we continue to contract with Lee for these programs? He delivers dynamic, energetic, educational programs for our sales audiences and receives rave reviews! He has the rare ability to captivate, motivate, and engage virtual audiences. It is hard for us to find speakers who, not only deliver top content, but can deliver it effectively in a virtual environment – and Lee masters it!
- Rebecca Stanton, Marketing Manager, ZoomInfo
If you are looking for a professional speaker who can educate, entertain and engage a virtual audience, I highly recommend Lee Salz. Lee recently provided two virtual keynotes (one for my client's sales teams and one for an industry association I am a board member of) and the feedback we received was fantastic! Lee’s ability to share stories and leave the audience with actionable takeaways is why he is one of the best in the business. Say, 'Goodbye,' to stale power-point webinars and make yourself look good by hiring Lee for your next virtual program.”
- Lee Roberts, Shareholder & Director of Sales BerganKDV
One message from a longtime IPPA member said it all, “best sales webinar I have seen,” and he didn’t even need a PowerPoint to support his message. Lee’s high energy kept the audience’s attention throughout thevirtual  presentation. He even took the time to answer questions live from the participants, and brought his new puppy on air for a quick hello, brightening attendee spirits and providing a personal connection with those in the virtual program.
- Cheryl Whelan, IPPA Executive Director
My company contracted with Lee as a virtual sales coach for me and we worked together for 18 months. Through virtual sales coaching, Lee was able to effectively help me develop sales systems, forecasting methodologies, discovery processes, and strategize on accounts I was pursuing. He is very talented in his ability to guide salespeople remotely and helped me greatly improve my sales skills.
- David Plaisance, Sales Director, AV Solutions
Lee knows sales and has been awesome to work with. Being 1200 miles away didn’t slow us down a bit, communications were easy and content was tailored to our needs.
- Matt Slack, CEO, AV Solutions
Our company had been struggling to put some rigor around our selling strategy. Lee’s coaching, direction, and mentoring proved to be the difference-maker for our organization. With his guidance, we have had record sales for the last few months and hired the right sales leader to implement the strategies he developed. These results are directly attributable to our work with Lee. I am confident our road to that growth would have been very challenging without his help. We are also excited about the sales playbooks you developed for us to position us for scalable growth. It is also worth noting that this entire engagement was virtual. This may be the first time we contracted with Sales Architects, but it won’t be our last.
- Daryl Hancock, Chief Operating Officer, Accounting Seed
Lee spoke to our team of 100 sales professionals and ignited new ideas, spurred collaboration and provided easy tools to help our team refine and sharpen their sales process. The opportunities to use Sales Differentiation in our weekly and monthly sales meetings has been invaluable. The team spoke so highly of Lee’s presentation style and. We solved some current customer hurdles by applying the tools in the workshops, which allowed our teams to experience first-hand how the strategies could work for them personally. Lee has proven time and time again to be a great partner and our sales team has reached out to him for advice.
- Courtney Enser, Vice President of Sales, Millcraft
Lee did an incredible job of grabbing and keeping the attention of the attendees. His Sales Differentiation concept seemed like common sense initially, but turned out to be so much more than that. I have shared his book with my sales team and they are on board. We are going to use the workbook to streamline how we go to market. Thanks Lee!
- Aaron Aldinger, President, Scale Dealers Association
“I had the pleasure of hiring Lee Salz for a keynote and follow on workshop at the 2019 IPPA Sales & Marketing Conference in Las Vegas. There are a lot of sales motivational speakers that bring energy, but I was very impressed with Lee’s ability to bring it all! Content, energy, humor and audience engagement. Many conference attendees leave and go back to their daily lives implementing very little of what they learned. I promise you, Lee won’t let that happen. I highly recommend Lee to be part of any event an organization or company wishes to take to the next level.”
- Lee Roberts, IPPA
In the summer of 2019 I was consistently getting sales leads, but inconsistently handling them, leading to very disappointing results. After reading Sales Differentiation twice, I reached out to Lee and hired him to be my virtual sales coach. Lee and I began working meticulously on a customized, systematic approach to handling sales leads that showed tangible results within 3 weeks of collaboration. Because of Lee's guidance and methods, I am now crystal clear and confident on how I handle every lead to ensure that the prospective client and my firm are set up for a successful business relationship. Since working with Lee, I’m ten for ten winning deals at the prices I want. Thank you, Lee!
- Rob Altieri, Principal, Frankel Loughran Starr & Vallone LLP
Similar to many organizations, our salespeople can sometimes struggle to differentiate what we sell which leaves them fighting to win deals based on price while sacrificing margin. We contracted with Sales Architects to conduct a one-day Sales Differentiation program to provide our team with the tools needed to better differentiate both what we sell and how we sell. Lee’s opening talk grabbed the attention of our team and set the stage for productive workshops that helped us uncover the many opportunities we have to differentiate our business. This program gave us the actionable tools we need to help our salespeople win more deals at the prices we want.
- Chris Clover, CEO, Mechdyne
The talk by Lee Salz was a big hit with our group — one of our most popular. Not a moment dragged. His presentation was packed with practical ideas, some of which I was able to start implementing right away with my team.
- Abby Reinhard, Co-Chair for Learning, EO Western NY and Owner/President, GP Flooring Solutions
The audience participation and reaction to your presentation was a reflection of you and your message. Look no further than the fact you sold out of your books after your presentation. That never happens! The large percentage of the audience that stood in line to purchase “Sales Differentiation” speaks volumes. While many may think they understand differentiation in the sales process, you clearly showed us an entirely new perspective. If anyone is looking for a talented, professional, and entertaining speaker on the most under-appreciated aspect of the sales process, Sales Differentiation, Lee Salz is the person to select, hands down.
- Mark DePasquale, CEO, National Portable Storage Association
Lee gave an incredible presentation at our inaugural industry event that really resonated with all of the attendees. This may sound simple but our industry is not known for accepting “salespeople” with a “sales message”. Lee was able to connect with our group because of the intensive background work he did on our industry, but more importantly with his delivery and style. Through humor, great stories and a real personal touch he delivered the message of the value a “salesperson” brings to their clients.
- Scott Klein, President, Your Hearing Network
Your Sales Differentiation presentation was a home run! Everyone was most impressed with the “I am the BEST” section of your talk, that resonated with the sales team and they updated some of their presentation materials already. Also, the part about the follow-up meeting recap email went over very well. And lastly, everyone has been talking about how to reframe our experience in a manner that resonates with our customers. We have a very talented sales team and you provided great nuggets of information they can take away and grow from this program with you.
- Lisa Lounsbrough, Inside Sales and Marketing Manager, Meier Tool & Engineering
I want to thank you again for the incredible workshop you put together for my team! The flexibility that you were able to have for us by tailoring the messaging of Sales Differentiation throughout our workshop and for how we can put it to use in the work we do with our clients was PRICELESS! The feedback that I’ve received from my team has been overwhelmingly positive and I appreciate how you were able to keep everyone engaged throughout the day. I am personally excited to watch the development of the brainstorming we did together as a team and turn that into new actions, which I believe will lead to outrageous results!
- Drew Lightowler, President, Plus Relocation Mortgage
Our executive team was struggling to identify our differentiators and messaging strategies for them. The Sales Architects Sales Differentiation Program to help us address these issues. Lee quickly grasped the concepts relevant to our business model and was able to draw the most important sales differentiators out of group brainstorming discussions. Most importantly, he helped us formulate positioning and messaging strategies for each of our differentiators. In the end, we received a great Sales Differentiation Playbook to implement the developed strategies. Shortly after the program, we used the playbook and the new sales differentiation strategies to pursue two eight-figure opportunities…and we WON them both at the prices we want! I highly recommend Lee Salz and his Sales Differentiation methodology.
- Cheryl Vennerstrom, Chief Operating Officer, Morning Sun Financial Services
I want you to know how much I appreciated your expertise with sales. You helped us differentiate how we stand out from our competitors, make dynamic presentations and how to use LinkedIn recruiter to hire right. We are actively using the tools you taught our team to grow our company and are experiencing good momentum with our goals.
- Barb Dorumsgaard, President, NTM, Inc.
Lee delivered a dynamic and relatable workshop to our sales team. His key focus of Sales Differentiation, resonated well with our team and he provided real-world examples of how to effectively apply his strategies to become more successful. Lee is a captivating speaker that uses the right mix of experience, humor and practical ideas to get salespeople to think and act differently when selling. Book him. He’s worth the investment!
- Corey Rogers, Marketing Manager, Hyundai Construction Equipment, Americas
After one of our members had an outstanding sales coaching engagement with Lee Salz, he recommended Lee to speak at our EO chapter on Sales Differentiation. Lee was electric with the group! His content, energy, and humor captivated our chapter. The talk provided us with actionable strategies and techniques that we could immediately put into practice. We are a tough group when it comes to evaluating speakers and Lee received one of the highest scores ever with a 9.7 out of 10. We highly recommend him!
- Tab Burkhalter, Education Chair, EO – Knoxville Chapter
Lee Salz nailed it! We invited Lee to present “Sales Differentiation” at the Institute for Excellence in Sales. Our membership, which includes sales leaders and teams from companies such as Amazon, Intel and Salesforce, was captivated by both his message and how he conveyed it! Lee was energetic, funny, and most importantly, provided actionable strategies that our members could immediately put into practice. His storytelling helped our members grasp key concepts that will help them implement these strategies. Our members are still raving about this program.
- Fred Diamond, Co-Founder and President, Institute for Excellence in Sales
When we approached Lee Salz about speaking on Sales Differentiation at the SIRVA Annual Sales Conference, we posed a tough challenge. He would have an audience comprised of both complex B2C and B2B salespeople. For his program to succeed, he would need to be able to engage both types. Lee hit it out of the park! His stories and concepts applied to all salespeople regardless of what they sell or to whom. Audiences should be prepared to take loads of notes because Lee’s ideas flow fast and furious.
- Stan Piskorski, Sales Training and Enablement Specialist, SIRVA
I saw Lee Salz’ talk on “Sales Differentiation” at OutBound 2019. Loved it! He’s fun and energetic while teaching you concepts that will make you serious money. If you're looking for someone to boost sales and enhance sales leadership, hire Lee.
- Jeffrey Gitomer author of The Little Red Book of Selling and The Sales Manifesto
Through the University of Maryland’s Executive Education Program, we contracted Lee Salz to deliver a one-day Sales Differentiation program for a high performing cross-functional team. Given the diverse audience, Lee was great at ensuring a high level of participation from everyone. The program was intense, but fun and engaging! The program exercises challenged our team to think differently about the way we view sales. His book, Sales Differentiation, was well received and eagerly read by all.
- Jeannie Plew, Vice President of Human Resources, DrFirst, Inc.
When we were planning our sales managers conference, we wanted a keynote speaker with original content that could entertain and engage our team. We chose Lee Salz and he delivered! His sales differentiation message resonated with our sales leadership team and inspired them to work with their salespeople to differentiate themselves in the way they sell, not just what they sell. The concepts and workshops he shared with us serve as great tools for our team to put into practice in the field. He was energetic, funny, and insightful…exactly what we wanted.
- Jeffrey Wolinsky, Director of Federal & National Sales, Hubbard Radio
For the first time in the history of our company, we have a clearly defined strategy for our salespeople to use to differentiate us from each one of our major competitors. We initially were looking for a speaker for our sales meeting when our CEO came across the Knock-Out the Competition! sales differentiation program. After learning about the program, we quickly decided that what our salespeople really needed was a defined strategy to help them differentiate our line of products rather than a rah-rah session. The sales differentiation playbook that Lee puts together from this program is like nothing you’ve seen before…very impressive! It is a tool that our leadership team can now use to help our salespeople win more deals at the prices we want. Lee’s energy with the group, story-telling and delivery style helped our team learn his 19 sales differentiation concepts. Lee also is helping us indoctrinate the strategy with our salespeople to ensure the strategy is understood and followed.
- Scott Christensen, Vice President Business Development, NuAire
Following the development of a new sales compensation plan, we recognized that we needed to help our salespeople meet our expectations. Because our salespeople set pricing for their deals, our new sales compensation plan rewarded for selling deals while protecting margin. After the sales compensation engagement with Sales Architects, we contracted with them to deliver its Knock-Out the Competition! Sales Differentiation program. The program challenged our team to think differently about the way we sell. Lee energized our group; and helped us identify our differentiators and put together a strategy to position them with in a compelling way with buyers. The Sales Differentiation playbook that Lee developed for us, based on the program, is exactly the tool our salespeople need to differentiate our services to win deals at the prices we want.
- Chris Tanner, Rose Paving
The Knock-Out the Competition! workshop was outstanding. The workshop has directly affected the way our salesmen sell against our competition. It was straight forward and easy to understand, nothing was canned. The sales differentiators came from our salesmen. Lee gave us the questioning methodology and structure to differentiate ourselves from all our major competitors. This workshop put in concrete form all the services and benefits we deliver every day and showed us how to differentiate them from our competition.
Jim Arbuckle, Vice President of Sales, Royal Brass and Hose
Our management team always believed we provide an excellent service to our clients but we always struggled to get this message to the marketplace. Fortunately, last fall, we met Lee at an industry conference and hired him to help us articulate our story. Lee led a sales differentiation workshop which began with the introduction of differentiation concepts followed by identifying specific differentiators for our company. I knew we had something special when our veteran salespeople were openly embracing using the differentiators in their sales process. I highly recommend you consider Lee's "Knock-Out the Competition" workshop if you want to take your sales effort to the next level.
- James J. Ferry, President and CEO, TradeSource, Inc.
Our salespeople sell what many see as a commodity. I contracted with Sales Architects to deliver “Knock-Out the Competition!” to change that perception amongst my salespeople and assist them to position our value. When I initially told my team of veteran salespeople about the program, they were skeptical. Afterwards, each one of them came back to me and raved about their experiences in the program. It was gratifying to hear from my team that they now recognize, as a result of this program, that they do not sell a commodity. They have new-found energy and clarity on what makes us different…and they know how to help their buyers see those differences.
- John Weaver, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Morbern
The Institute for Excellence in Sales has engaged some of the top sales thought leaders and speakers in the world to educate, challenge, and inspire our membership of top sales professionals. Lee Salz fit that bill to a tee. His combination of great delivery, well-developed content, and humor provided our members with actionable tools that they can immediately put into practice and helped them flesh-out ways to win more deals at the prices they want. Lee challenged our members to think differently about how they sell and engage buyers. I highly recommend Lee and his sales differentiation program.
- Fred Diamond, Executive Director, Institute for Excellence in Sales
As part of a comprehensive sales development engagement with Sales Architects, we participated in the sales differentiation program. I, and my management team, found the experience eye-opening. We gained such clarity on our differentiators and now have a documented strategy to position them with prospects. The Sales Architects sales differentiation program has completely changed how we communicate with prospects. We are getting responses from buyers that we have never experienced before. This is a fantastic program for companies whose salespeople struggle to get meetings with prospects and who always look to management to discount prices to get the account.
- Blake Scott, President, Scott Environmental Services
We had Sales Architects deliver its Sales Differentiation program - Knock-Out the Competition! as we transitioned our go-to-market strategy from dealer to direct sales. Not only did Lee help us strategize and develop messaging about our existing differentiators, but he helped us identify several others which we can now effectively position with buyers. Our sales team ranges from first sales job to experienced sales veteran…and they all loved the program. The Sales Differentiation guide that was produced from this session is being used to reinforce the strategy and teach our newly-hired salespeople how to position our differentiators with prospects. It’s been a few months since the program was conducted and our sales pipeline has never been stronger. This may have been our first engagement with Sales Architects, but it will not be our last.
- Brian Graff, Chief Marketing Officer, Dynamic Fitness
As a company that is growing dramatically, we were in need of new methods by which to harness and hone our collective skill set, and Lee’s Differentiators workshop gave us that and more. Not only does the workshop provide strategies for manufacturing success with what you already have, it created a sort-of looking glass into what we as a company are forecasting as potential needs in the future. We can watch the implementation of these methods across several different platforms, and better identify areas where we need to improve and areas we can use as a model for success.
- William Uecker, Co-Founder, Vista Vapors
After seeing Lee Salz present at a conference on Sales Differentiation, I brought him into our company to deliver his “Knock-Out the Competition!” program. Our team loved the concepts as well as his presentation style and energy. We didn’t just gain insight into our business; we learned techniques to help prospects see what we see as meaningful differentiators. His strategy to open doors with prospects who say they are happy by leveraging sales differentiation is brilliant! We are excited to continue on our sales differentiation journey and implement this methodology in our firm. I highly recommend this program!
- Laura Dale Pedersen, CEO/President, A. R. Mazzotta Employment Specialists
When we first contacted Sales Architects to develop a new sales compensation plan, we were pleasantly surprised that Lee Salz was not “gung-ho” for the project. He challenged us to consider the prudence of a plan change and made sure we understood the potential ramifications. Once we determined that a new plan was needed, Lee conducted a series of virtual interviews with us and taught us his “15 Sales Compensation Design Principles.” He took the time to understand where we were, where we are trying to go, and developed a compensation strategy that we are excited to implement. We look forward to working with Sales Architects on other sales force development initiatives.
- Chris Tanner, Chief Operating Officer/Partner, Rose Paving LLC
Thank you for a great presentation. At the end of every conference, we have an ending session on take-home value. I ask each attendee what they are going to immediately put into practice. Overwhelmingly, they cited takeaways from Lee’s sales differentiation keynote presentation. They loved the content and his delivery style! The members were engaged from start to finish which I attribute to the stories Lee shared to teach sales differentiation concepts. He captivates audiences with his presence and sense of humor while providing great content.
- Roy Fazio, Chairman, ASG group
We had Lee Salz conduct his Sales Differentiation workshop program at our Enterprise Sales Team meeting. In our industry, we don’t create demand, but rather try to get prospects to buy from us instead of the competition. Lee taught our sales team strategies to position our differentiators and engage prospects in a compelling way. My team loved this session and really embraced his methodology!
- Ann Losiewski, Director of Enterprise Sales, Hire Right
We asked Lee to present “Building a World-Class Sales Force” at our AA-ISP conference. The feedback was outstanding! As one attendee described it… ‘Intense and good dose of medicine. We had a lackadaisical approach to hiring…he set the record straight.’ I highly recommend Lee and this presentation to anyone responsible for managing and or hiring salespeople.
Larry Reeves, Chief Operating Officer, American Association of Inside Sales Professionals
The role of salespeople in my company is to knock the current provider out of the account. Through their "Knock-Out the Competition" Sales Differentiation program, Sales Architects helped us really understand our true differentiators and taught our salespeople strategies to position them with buyers. Lee helped us uncover ways to get prospects to buy from us and these techniques work!
- Mike Moroz, President/CEO, Walters Recycling and Refuse, Inc.
When I reached out to Sales Architects, I was at somewhat of a crossroads and contemplating the best ways to profitably grow my business. Lee Salz helped me gain clarity on some existing issues, and provided actionable information to take my firm to the next level. Through a virtual consulting engagement, he provided a clear sales roadmap that I can implement in my company.
Marc Fowler, President, Bullseye Media
Lee delivers! We contracted with Lee to keynote our national customer event to speak on hiring, onboarding and compensating salespeople. The feedback on his session was fantastic which we greatly attribute to Lee’s prework and intertwining our culture into his customized presentation. He’s dynamic, fun, and engaging.
Peter Dircks, Director of Marketing, Hearth & Home Technologies
We’ve engaged Sales Architects for both strategic and sales-focused initiatives. Each time, we’ve experienced Lee’s skill in thinking through complex problems to develop practical solutions. We used Sales Architects to optimize our sales efforts through their sales metric management strategy to focus our salespeople on the right behaviors. I will continue to use Sales Architects in the future.
Marc Maloy, SVP of Worldwide Sales, HireRight
I hired Sales Architects to turn around an unproductive sales team member. Initially, I had doubts that Lee could do this virtually, but I was pleasantly surprised. Lee systematically worked through all of the issues and processes that we were doing incorrectly and brought his lineup of tried and true sales systems to the table. Sales Architects will be the first call I make if I have sales issues in the future.
Ron Anderson, President/CEO, Anderson Systems Integration
Lee’s Adapt & Thrive presentation will resonate with sales people regardless of their experience. From those just starting sales careers to sales professionals with many years experience, Lee’s simple and profound strategies will enrich your whole sales group and help them succeed!
Dick Reynolds, Sales and Distribution Manager, Flexco
We’ve used Lee’s sales architecture methodology to bring discipline, structure, measurement and a degree of sophistication to our sales effort. We now have a clearly defined strategy, process and tools to pursue new KRM clients.
Rick Olson, Chief Executive Officer, KRM Information Services
Thanks for speaking at the Dymo Mimio global sales kickoff. We found your Adapt & Thrive! keynote speech to be stimulating, motivating and full of good sense.
Laurence Huntley, General Manager, Dymo Mimio, A Newell Rubbermaid Company
Sales & Marketing Management was extremely fortunate to have someone of Lee Salz's standing in its corner. A longtime columnist for SMM, as well as a member of its Editorial Advisory Board, his monthly Sales Architects installments demonstrated exactly why he's considered a sales management thought leader.
Jeremy Cohen, Managing Editor, Sales and Marketing Management Magazine
Lee was instrumental in helping us develop a detailed profile for our ideal salesperson, invaluable as we interview new candidates. In addition, his process for working with us to develop a salesperson on-boarding program was world-class. With these two items in place, we feel very confident we will both find and help a new salesperson succeed quickly.
Mike Moroz, President, Archway
By implementing Lee’s sales management strategies, our sales staff increased new season ticket sales by 65% over last season. This was accomplished with the same sales team as last season. What was different was our approach to sales management. Lee is a great sounding board, with practical solutions for increasing sales.
Susan Savage, CEO and Majority Owner, Sacramento River Cats
Lee provided a structured and thoughtful approach to identifying key attributes that are important to our company’s sales process, helped us to create a detailed profile of an ideal sales person and guided us through the creation of our first ever sales onboarding program. He was truly instrumental in the design and development of our new sales process.
Megan Effertz, Director of Marketing, Archway
Lee Salz provided the strategy and a “roll up your sleeves” approach which helped our sales organization improve significantly our approach to managing the sales process. Lee focused on evolving us from a people-based approach to one which is process-based. Going forward our sales team and, ultimately, our results will benefit from the strategies and processes he helped us develop.
Alan Ledford, President, Sacramento River Cats
Lee's understanding of the development of sales strategies, marketing business tools and applications are exceptional. Sales Architects is a company that I know I will be doing business with again.
Ken Mallette, Vice President, Witt Associates, a Global Options Company
Lee Salz is one of the true sales management thought leaders today. His expertise, energy, and down-to-earth communication style give him the unique ability to help sales organizations reach new levels of performance and excellence.
Jeb Blount, Founder and CEO of SalesGravy.com
I wish I had Lee's guidance when I started my sales career 27 years ago. It removes chance from the buying process and replaces them with a specific, almost scientific business plan.
Victor Benoun, President, The Mortgage Source, Inc.
I’ve never met someone who positions a sales person for success more effectively than Lee Salz.
Andrew Macdonald, Group President, First Advantage Corporation
In the crowded field of sales experts, Lee stands out because he doesn't just write about it, he actually did it, and with great results.
Bruce Berg, President, Berg Consulting Group
I have personally seen Lee take average performing sales organizations and turn them into top performers over and over again.
Andy Miller, President, Sales Management Guru
All sales people can improve their performance by using Lee's sales architecture strategy.
Edward Groark, former President, IKON Office Solutions, Technology Services
Lee was able to impart his sales techniques on his staff and there were measurable, positive sales results.
Daryl Hancock, Corporate Account Manager, Microsoft Corporation
Lee is a great coach and mentor. His teachings stick so sales people and sales managers can reproduce desired results over and over again which translates into serious, sustainable bottom line performance improvement.
Deborah Hoffmann, President, The Solutions Group
Lee Salz not only knows what it takes to master the art of sales, he knows how to teach the art of selling in an easy to understand way that can absolutely unlock the master salesperson inside you.
Josh Hinds, author of Why Perfect Timing is a Myth: Tips for Staying Inspired and Motivated Day in and Day out!
If you want to unclog the bottom of your sales funnel, Lee can help you do it!
C. Kevin Miller, Midwest Territory Manager, OraSure Technologies, Inc.
Lee presents sales managers with a toolkit that will greatly enhance their chances for success.
Orrin Broberg, President, Employee Continuum
Lee has an uncanny ability for untapping the salesperson within.
Chandrasekhar Valluri, Assistant Professor, St. Mary's University of Minnesota
Under Lee’s guidance and support as a sales manager; my confidence increased, I far exceeded sales quotas, and I tremendously increased my income. If you want to achieve the same results, I would highly recommend his proven sales techniques.
Maria Maika Damjan, Business Development Manager, EDS