Hi, this is Mike Schultz, guest host of the Sales Management minute.

Today I’m going to share the top three things that sellers that win sales do more often than sellers that don’t.

Selling has changed more in the last several of years than it had in the previous 40. What worked to win sales in the past isn’t working today like it used to.

Yet some people are winning sales, and winning them consistently. We just studied more than 700 business to business purchases to learn what the winners of the sale did differently than the seller that came in second place.

One thing we found was that the sellers that win don’t just sell differently, they sell radically differently, than the sellers that come in second place.

The top three areas where they are most different are as follows:

1. The seller educated me with new ideas and perspectives. In other words, the sellers that win brought thinking to the table the buyer perceived to be new, and thus added value to the process through ideas.

2. The seller collaborated with me. Indeed, the sellers that win work with buyers in ways that the buyers perceive them as a partners in achieving their goals.

3. Seller persuaded me we would achieve results. Which means the seller didn’t just make an ROI case, the buyer actually believed it.

And there you have it, the top 3 areas where sellers that win sell differently than the sellers that come in second place. Do these three things and you’ll be well on your way to the winners circle.