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What's Differentabout Sell Different!

Sell Different! is packed with new ways to win more deals at the prices you want.

Lee B. Salz’s ground-breaking, bestselling book, Sales Differentiation, armed salespeople with strategies to differentiate both what they sell and how they sell it. Now, he’s back with proven, practical strategies to help salespeople learn to SELL DIFFERENT!

Sell Different! has nothing to do with the product, service, or technology you are selling, and everything to do with the ways you sell. When you learn how to use these SELL DIFFERENT! strategies and tactics you will increase your sales results AND your personal income. You’ll discover how to:

  • Reach and engage elusive prospects with an easy-to-use 16-phase plan
  • Leverage the power of referrals to find more than you’ve ever thought possible
  • Harness the potential of virtual selling
  • Defeat your toughest competitor (it’s not who you think)
  • Neutralize the fear of change that paralyzes buyers and kills deals
  • Onboard new clients with an efficient 13-step process
  • Keep your deal foremost in your buyer’s mind with a proven follow-up method (99.999% of salespeople don’t use it!)

what sales executives

are saying about sell different!

“In Sell Different!, Lee Salz lays out successful strategies to reach elusive prospects, find more of your best clients, and teach you how to embrace virtual selling.  Our global sales team implemented many of Lee’s strategies which helped us generate record sales growth.” 

Scott Christensen

Vice President Global Sales, NuAire, Inc.

“Sales Differentiation is one of the best and most relevant sales books in the recent era, and Lee Salz has pulled off the impossible by topping it with his new release, Sell Different!.  The brilliance of Lee’s approach is that it puts the entire locus of control on the salesperson to win the deal. While owning that responsibility could be uncomfortable for a lesser salesperson, who feels better blaming anything other than themselves, every top performer I have been associated with in my sales career wants the win squarely on their own shoulders. The strategies in Sell Different! deliver precisely the tools and skills that drive results.  If you want to be amongst the elite in your profession, read this book!”

Mike Jeffrey

Vice President of Sales, Paychex

“Our team has come to rely on Lee to provide us a consistent foundation and approach to winning more business while keeping the customers we have at prices we need.  And Sell Different!, continues to build on that foundation and raises the bar.  For any committed sales professional, the concepts in Sell Different! will make you think more thoughtfully about your approach to opportunities and how you are winning business, or not.  We have found Sell Different! lays out a variety of sales situations we encounter frequently, supported by layered tactics and strategies to navigate them.  Sell Different! provides a fresh approach to any sales professional seriously looking to improve their results and make more money.” 

Michael Groerger

Vice President, Group Commercial & Specialty Sales, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

"Lee brings a whole new perspective to modern-day sales.  I love his holistic approach to the sales process and his practical, common-sense style makes his concepts easy to understand and apply to everyday situations.  I know first-hand that Lee's principles work in the real world - we worked with Lee to apply the strategies and techniques in Sell Different! and set all-time sales records in the process.  If Lee's strategies can work in the motorcycle industry, they can work for any business.”

Jim Woodruff

CEO, National Powersport Auctions

“Lee Salz does it again with Sell Different! He creatively positions how to connect with your prospects by developing relationships from simple, actionable concepts that make your audiences feel acknowledged, heard, and comfortable with the sales process.  As a 15-year sales rep and now business owner in the transportation industry; myself and my team have been successful by applying these techniques as our industry is heavily commoditized. Sell Different! provides us with the tools to find valued clients at the prices we want. This is truly a must read for anyone in the sales profession.”

Nicole Glenn

CEO of Candor Expedite, Inc.

“Lee Salz hit a homerun with Sell Different! Salespeople can’t just rely on their products’ differentiators to gain buyer attention and stand-out from the competition. They need to think different to add value which means they need to sell different. This book gives them the tools to do just that. Apply these strategies to your selling and you’ll experience success at levels you never dreamed imaginable.”

Brandon Steiner

Former founder of Steiner sports, Now COLLECTIBLEXCHANGE and 

“If you want to get your sales team off on the right foot, be sure they read Sell Different!. Being different doesn’t guarantee being better. But in this case, Lee coaches differentiation from the perspective of the customer and what they value. Deploy the tactics Lee teaches here and watch your sales team achieve better results by being different where it counts, in your customer’s mind.”

Tim Rethlake

Vice President Trade Marketing and Sales Training, Hearth & Home Technologies

“Sell Different! is loaded with strategies that work. I know that because I’ve seen our sales team penetrate our existing accounts by implementing Lee’s strategies. There’s no doubt the selling environment is changing fast, using Sell Different! will give you that competitive advantage.”   

Dave Kirsch

President and CEO, Shippers Supply, Inc.

“Sell Different! contains a treasure trove of strategies to help you stand out from hundreds of other salespeople who will reach out to your prospect this week. If you aren’t different, why would your service be different?”   

Bill Mills

CEO, Executive Group

“You could fill a library with books that proclaim they have the one true secret to sales success. And most are best used as kindling. But now, in Sell Different!, you read one sound source of sales expertise. Lee delivers...count on it!”  

Howard Stevens

Chairman of the Sales Foundation

“The strategies Lee Salz presents in Sell Different! has inspired and revolutionised our sales team. He is significant reason for our company’s growth to become one of leading IT distributors in Australia. Lee’s easy to understand and put into practice Sales Differentiation techniques have helped turn our sales team performances from good to great. Not only it has helped our company grow significantly his teachings have given motivation and skill to our sales team to really enjoy their role. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a clear and easy way to grow their sales team performance and margins.”  

Theo Kristoris

CEO, Leader Systems

“There are several hundred people in my company that are involved in direct sales. Lee’s teaching in Sell Different! about our “toughest competitor” is great insight. I am confident this will help our direct salespeople to overcome their “fear factor” related to competitors. This knowledge is worth its weight in gold!”  

Jerry L. Mills

CEO of B2B CFO® and author of The Exit Strategy Handbook

“This book is packed with actionable content.  Nothing in Sell Different! is theoretical. How do I know that? Because we contracted with Lee and he implemented these strategies and concepts in our company. The result? Record-setting sales month after month and explosive growth during a pandemic. If you are serious about moving forward in your sales efforts, don’t just read the book. Embrace its teachings. Make them part of your daily operating rhythm.” 

Daryl Hancock

20+ year strategy and execution executive

"Sell Different! is STACKED with incredible, real-world sales strategies to build your top-performing sales playbook today! If you want to outsell your competition and level up in your sales career, you need to buy this book and put it into action immediately!"  

Brandon Bornancin

CEO & Founder of Seamless AI

“Sell Different! will permanently change your sales results. I’ve seen many of Lee’s techniques in action with a shared client. They’ve won close to 100% of their bids since implementing these strategies. They work!” 

Barbara Weaver Smith

Ph.D., Founder and CEO, The Whale Hunters  

“The beauty of Sell Different! is Lee’s simple, but powerful recommendations and insights. The book presents subtle shifts in positioning, mindsets, and behaviors that can unlock significant untapped growth opportunities. This book is timely as all sales leaders are looking to redesign and adapt sales management strategies for the changed markets – never a better time than now to focus on “skill practice” to hone our skills and capabilities. I wish my team had this book a long time ago.” 

Mark Knurek

Sales and Marketing Leader, Lubrizol Advanced Materials

“Sell Different! addresses the what to do and why when it comes to sales. Each chapter brings key points that can be added to your sales team agenda and practiced for improvement to optimize sales. I truly wished that I had read this book 25 years ago as it gives a step-by-step process to handle many challenges with solutions regarding selling. If you are looking to elevate your sales game, I recommend this book.”

Robert Fontaine

Founder/President of Upstate Door, Inc.

“Sell Different! is the definitive playbook for salespeople who want to take control of their earning power. It doesn’t matter how competitive your industry is; in the end, success or failure depends on how you sell, not what you sell. Lee Salz lays out the strategies that work in every sale. It’s all about selling differently than the average salesperson. Don’t worry, though -- this process doesn’t create more work. It simply reduces the time, rejection and stress that consumes the average salesperson.” 

Kevin HIll

host of the sales podcast Put That Coffee Down and Executive Publisher, FreightWaves

“Sell Different! is not about a new “gimmick” to sell more. It is a great book to learn what it means to sell ‘authentically’ to win the hearts and minds of your clients to build trusted partnerships for the long run!” 

Mike Jenkins

Lifelong sales leader, Sales Vice President, Top 10 technology company

“One of the biggest ‘a-ha moments’ for me in Sell Different! is the Prospecting Rhythm which adds a strategic component to the quantitative side of prospecting. This is the recipe to reach and engage prospects. Read the book and implement this strategy.”

Chad Parker

Sales Manager - CLM Equipment Co., Inc.

“Our industry has fallen into the trap of declining revenue per sale, as ‘price selling’ becomes a larger and larger theme. As we are breaking into new geographies and hunting new client relationships, each requires several of the proven strategies presented in Sell Different!. Especially meaningful to my team are: the actionable 16-phase plan to reach and engage elusive prospects, virtual selling, neutralizing the fear of change that paralyzes buyers, and dissecting & resolving the most challenging sales objection – price!”

Trent Anderson

Vice President Sales, LS Networks

While it is a well-accepted maxim that people buy from salespeople that they like, few stop to think about the key question that the author poses: “What can I do at each stage of the buying process to differentiate myself from the competition, make my prospect feel special, and build a stronger relationship?”  Salz’s advice systematically addresses how to remedy the root causes of lost deals and failure to defend price: failure to thoroughly qualify, inadequate discovery, and incomplete identification of decision makers/influencers and their buying criteria.  Sell Differently provides practical, step by step, guidance on how to set yourself apart from the competition throughout the sales interaction, and in so doing, “close more deals at the prices you want”.

Bruce Chesebrough

Portfolio Operations, TPG Capital, LLC

“In minor league baseball, we focus on the guest experience as a strategy to create loyal fans that continually attend games. The guest experience we create is a key ingredient in our success. In Sell Different!, Lee Salz provided us with the recipe to differentiate the buying experience so we convert fans into satisfied members who return with big smiles season after season. Implement the strategies and enjoy the results.”

Susan Savage

Majority Owner, Sacramento River Cats

what experts

are saying about sell different!

“Salespeople who solely rely on their product to be their key differentiator will lose to those who also differentiate the buying experience. Sell Different! teaches you numerous ways to outsmart, outmaneuver, and outsell the competition. Don’t just read it. Study it. Embrace it. Live it.”

Verne Harnish

Founder Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and author Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits 2.0)

“Lee does it again! The concepts presented in Sell Different! are gamechangers. Proactively positioning client onboarding, effectively managing pilot programs, and proactively generating referrals are a few of my favorite takeaways. Devour this book!”

Jeb Blount

CEO of Sales Gravy and author of Virtual Selling

“If you want to sell your products or services at high margins, focusing on features and capabilities isn’t enough. In Sell Different!, Lee Salz provides rock-solid strategies you can use to outsell competitors and close more deals. It’s a must read for every sales professional!”

Jill Konrath

Author of SNAP Selling & More Sales Less Time

“Sell Different! identifies the missing pieces of the sales process puzzle that are glossed over everywhere else and then proceeds to fill in the holes. This is not so much a book as it is a series of master classes where each chapter stands on its own and should be revisited again and again. What’s more, for each topic, Lee strikes a perfect balance between conveying the big picture strategy and ‘exactly how’ prescription you can start using Monday morning. Any one of the ‘recipes’ Lee lays out will have you running circles around your competition.”

Townsend Wardlaw

I coach the most successful and inspiring people on this planet,

“In today’s crowded sales world, gaining the attention of your buyers is more of a challenge than ever before.  In Sell Different!, Lee Salz shares some of the absolute best sales strategies and tactics to help business developers stand out, overcome their self-limiting beliefs, acclimate to the virtual sales Environment, and simply close more deals on a consistent basis.”

Brynne Tillman

CEO, LinkedIn Whisperer at Social Sales Link

"Only read Sell Different! if you can handle the truth of what it takes to sell smarter in the new now. Lee's book is filled with brilliant, fast, brave ways that professional sellers can break through the expected routine and start to create extraordinary results."

David Newman

CSP, author of Do It! Marketing and Do It! Selling  

"Sell Different! will give you the competitive edge you need in the era of empowered buyers and desperate competitors. Lee provides practical advice on how to positively differentiate with the way you sell being the reason people want to buy what you sell. This is a must read for every sales professional." 

Tony Hughes

Best-selling author and co-founder, Sales IQ Global

“Selling has never been more competitive than it is now. What made salespeople successful yesterday is not going to make them successful today and tomorrow. Buyers have become more sophisticated which means salespeople need to be savvier with their selling approach to gain an edge over the competition. Sell Different! arms you with strategies that help you stand-out in a noisy marketplace and prepares you for selling success.”

Andrea Waltz

Co-Author, Go for No!

“Salespeople typically look to their products to disrupt the market and make their sales skyrocket. Sell Different! is all about looking at yourself and asking, what can I do to help prospects and customers buy? This book will challenge your thinking and force you to ask yourself new and interesting questions about how you do things, so you can sell different to get more and keep more business. Highly recommend!”

Rob Hubsher

Author of the Book “Closing Time: The 7 Immutable Laws of Sales Negotiation”

“Every day, in every industry, to gain a competitive edge, sales professionals need to find ways to stand-out from the competitive noise. Sell Different! provides you with the strategies to do just that and experience the selling success you desire.”

Patricia Fripp

Sales Presentation Skills Expert and Past President, National Speakers Association

"In our fast-paced and ever-changing world, it’s more difficult than ever to break through. In Sell Different!, Lee has put together an actionable and unique blueprint to help salespeople stand out and beat the competition." 

Ken Kupchik

Publisher of Sales Humor and author of The Sales Survival Handbook 

"In Sell Different!, Lee Salz shows us that today’s buyers don’t need a pitch; they need a perspective. They don’t need more information; they need differentiation. As sellers, we can’t simply fill their heads, we must connect with their hearts. Well-written, actionable tips, and wisdom set this book apart from the typical how to. Buy it, read it, teach it, live it."

Shari Levitin

Author, Sales Influencer

“Sales is a competitive sport and all salespeople need to be on top of their game. Lee Salz nails it in Sell Different! Lee addresses every sales topic that sales professionals need to excel at to win. He addresses the new norm of virtual selling strategy, a must in 2021 and moving forward. One of the biggest challenges sales has is addressing a buyer’s fear of change and his approach is spot on. I highly recommend this book to every salesperson and sales leader!” 

Stu Schlackman

The Relationship Selling and Personality Expert

“We have clearly entered a new phase in business growth and commercial relationships and Lee Salz’ latest book Sell Different! has captured how to make that transition. One of the many messages that struck home with me was how sellers need to know, more than ever, how to harness the potential of virtual selling and remote conversations. Buy it! Read it! Trust me, you will not be disappointed!”

Bernadette McClelland

Commercial Conversations Academy™

“Finally the answers you’ve been looking for in one place. Lee puts it all right here and, best of all, delivers it in a way you can easily understand.  The content is so good you won’t see Sell Different! as a book you read once, rather you will see this as a resource you access for months and years to come.”  

Mark Hunter

The Sales Hunter

“For years now, savvy sales professionals have realized that ‘how they sell’ is turning into one of the only and best ways to differentiate themselves from the growing pack of competitors.  While many understand the need to be different, they struggle in execution.  With Sell Different!, Lee Salz, expands on his seminal work, Sales Differentiation, and delivers clear and actionable steps most people in sales will learn from. Sell Different! is packed with specific steps to implementing the strategies and tactics presented, helping the reader adopt new skills in a practical way.  Near and dear to my heart is the 16-Day Prospecting Campaign; clear and doable.  This book and Lee Salz fully deliver on a simple but important promise, helping you Sell Different!”

Tibor Shanto

Chief Prospecting Officer, Renbor Sales Solutions 

“Why blend into the crowd when you can standout? In sales, differentiation is key. I see so many companies training their salespeople to do more of what everyone else is doing so that they blend in and get ignored. Instead step out and whether your company helps you or not, take it upon yourself to learn what the concepts in this book so you standout and close more deals. Sell Different! It’s a mandate for every seller who wants to win. Lee will inspire you and make it easy for you – so what are you waiting for? Read it now.” 

Alice Heiman

Chief Sales Energizer, Alice Heiman, LLC

“It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, to whom you’re selling, or how long you’ve been selling… You need to read Sell Different!, absorb the concepts, and apply them to your selling repertoire. HOW you sell is as - or more important - than WHAT you sell. That means it’s critical for salespeople to differentiate their selling approach if they’re to win deals at high margins. This book shows you step-by-step how to do it.” 

Nancy Nardin

Founder, Smart Selling Tools, Inc.

“It’s not just what you sell but HOW to sell it and Sell Different! is oozing with practical, tactical and easily executable ways to stand out in a crowded market. Lee Salz’ strategies are timely and can be quickly put into action.  Sell Different! will benefit every sales profession from B2C to B2B and help you close more deals.  I highly recommend it! Two thumbs up!”

James Muir

CEO & Founder Best Practice International and Bestselling Author of The Perfect Close

"As soon as I read Sell Different! I knew that I was going to add to our sales curriculum at Kansas State.  Lee offers implementable ideas that drive performance. The book is a must-read for salespeople seeking to grow professionally."

Dawn Deeter

Ph.D., J.J. Vanier Distinguished Chair and Director, National Strategic Selling Institute, Kansas State University

“Is it time to update your team’s approach to selling?  Lee Salz’ new book Sell Different! enables your team rethink its approach and outmaneuver the competition.  Every reader will walk away with tips and tools that will make them more successful.”

Denise Harrison

President, Strategic Planning and Execution (Spex, Inc.), Your Bridge to Success

“If you cannot differentiate, you cannot sell, and the biggest differentiator in a deal is often the seller’s approach. In Sell Different! Lee Salz simply and beautifully articulates the things that separate top performing sales reps from everyone else. Read closely and pay attention, because there are nuggets littered in every chapter, and they add up to make a powerful impact on the deals you close and the outcomes you deliver.” 

Jeff Bajorek

sales trainer and consultant, author of The Five Forgotten Fundamentals of Prospecting

“Sell Different! is a masterful book, providing a wealth of ideas for how to differentiate the right way, and win more deals at the prices you want.”

Mike Schultz

President of RAIN Group, Author of Not Today: The 9 Habits of Extreme Productivity

“Lee Salz’ brilliant new book isn’t just for salespeople; it should be required reading for anyone who wants to instantly differentiate themselves, fully understand their clientele, and make price a non-issue. Full of insights, practical exercises, and innovative thinking, Sell Different! is a truly motivating and inspiring read.”

Matthew Pollard

Global Guru Top #3 Sales Professional and author of The Introvert’s Edge bestselling book series

“Sell Different! is truly refreshing since it is packed with immediately actionable tips and techniques that any sales professional can use to sell more. It is also a must read for sales managers who can use this book as a source for coaching and training their sales team. I highly recommend this book to anyone no matter what the industry. This is a universal guide to championship selling.”

Gerhard Gschwandtner

Founder and CEO, Selling Power Magazine 

“From client penetration to proactive account management to price flinching to salespeople’s ‘oops’, Lee covers all the bases for any salesperson or team to start hitting it out of the park. As a 40 plus year sales guy, I’ve seen and experienced all of the issues Lee stresses in Sell Different! and provides solid applicable answers. If every salesperson applied half of what Sell Different! provides, they would all be top producers! Great examples, direct talk, no fluff is Lee’s approach and it is effective.”

Harlan Goerger

President/Founder, CEO Solutions

“Sell Different! is a refreshing mix of strategy (doing the right things) and tactics (how to do them differently to stand out from the crowd). It's full of practical and actionable advice that is easy to implement. Buy it now. Read it. Embrace it. You'll "sell different" and reap the rewards!”

Mike Kunkle

VP, Sales Effectiveness Services at SPARXiQ and Author of The Building Blocks of Sales Enablement

"To create, advance, and close more sales you need to be different. Lee Salz is the master at helping salespeople Sell Different! and his new book is packed with powerful, proven strategies and engaging stories to help you up your sales game and stand out from the competition. If you're ready to break out of the mold to experience breakthrough results, read it now!"

Mike Weinberg

Author of New Sales. Simplified. and Sales Management. Simplified.

"What is different about Sell Different! is what it isn't. It isn't another tip, hack, or technique to memorize. Instead, this book flips the script with actionable steps that put the focus on the buying experience we create as sellers and business owners, making it all about them, not about us. If you are still trying to figure out how to adapt to the new normal, this book should be on your list."

Carole Mahoney

Founder Unbound Growth

“Smart sellers know they have to find ways to stand out to their prospects and accounts. Sell Different! helps you do that—and outsmart, outstrip and outsell your competitors.”

Stu Heinecke

Author of How to Get a Meeting with Anyone

“Creating meaningful relationships and amazing buying experiences is the cornerstone of what it means to sell differently. Lee Salz has created a magnificent guide to help propel your career forward and win more deals at the prices you want with Sell Different!. The difference isn’t your company or your product, it is you. In a crowded, commoditized marketplace, those who bring their genuine, authentic and real-deal self, rise to the top and stand out. You will be inspired to think and act differently. Sell Different! is a lifestyle and it starts with you.”

Larry Levine

Author of Selling From the Heart

"When Lee asked me to review his book, I have to confess thinking, 'I review over 100 books a year, what will I learn?'  However, I was just a few pages into the book when I found myself pulling out a notepad and taking notes.  Lee was presenting familiar topics, but in a way that got me thinking differently.  And I think that's key.  Before we can sell different!, we have to first think different.  If you want to Sell Different!, Lee's book is a great start to helping you think different!"

Dave Brock

Author of Sales Manager Survival Guide, CEO Partners In EXCELLENCE

“In his new book, Sell Different!, Lee Salz offers critical guidance on how elite sales professionals can differentiate and distinguish themselves from other elite sales professionals they compete with. His insights on differentiation are unique, crisp and actionable by sales professionals looking to take their sales careers to the next level. Lee has found a niche in the sales performance improvement space that I feel is one of the most valuable for sales professionals to grasp and he provides a framework for implementation success in this much-needed book.”

Fred Diamond

Co-founder, Institute for Excellence in Sales

"In a time when sales professionals and sales leaders need new ideas, fresh strategies and an innovative approach to how to tackle today's challenging marketplace, enter Lee Salz and his groundbreaking new book - Sell Different! Outsmart, Outmaneuver, and Outsell the competition. Sell Different! is a fantastic read, and a must-have for anyone looking to find opportunity in today's shifting economy.  In every page, and throughout every chapter, Lee provides so much more than just a sales book. He goes deep to uncover what it really takes to master the skill. This book covers it all - mindset, motivation, attitude, technique and true sales secrets that will position you to change how you think, how you sell and the results you gain. This is the book you buy, read once and then keep at your desk as your go to reference  for how to sell in today's modern world."

Meridith Elliott Powell

Business Growth Strategist, Keynote Speaker, and Award-Winning Author of THRIVE: Turning Uncertainty To Competitive Advantage

“When I got the pre-pub draft of Lee Salz’ Sell Different!, I did what I always do, started skimming. Pretty soon I realized I’d slowed down. I was reading. After another 15 minutes, I was reading deeply. This book is solid, useful, and packed with hard-won advice. Lee’s ideas on Horizontal and Vertical Questions, Conquering Accounts, Recap Emails, and Client Onboarding, are worth thousands of times the price of the book. Thousands. Don’t waste a minute. Get this Book. Start reading. Learn how to earn.”

Tim Hurson

author Think Better, a McGraw-Hill Business Classic.

“Lee has hit it out of the ballpark with Sell Different! Informative, practical with top-notch advice and strategies! Follow his advice your sales will soar!”

Dr. Julie Miller

founder & president, Business Writing That Counts!

“Lee Salz gives you a winning formula to effectively sell in these challenging times. In Sell Different!, Lee gives you real world examples and great ideas that you can implement immediately. If you would like to sell more at the prices you want, I highly recommend you read this book. In fact, this book is so good, Lee is offering you a money back guarantee if you don’t improve your sales dramatically.”

Coach Jim Johnson

Inspirational Leadership Speaker and Author

“Sell Different! provides many innovative strategies and tactics to sidestep the most dangerous traps in today’s B2B sale.  From prospecting through account management, Lee walks through the sales lifecycle, dispelling myths and revealing best practices all along the way.  A truly practical handbook for sales success.”

Jason Jordan

Author of the best-seller Cracking the Sales Management Code

“In a sea of sameness, you must stand out in today’s highly-competitive marketplaces.  Lee has been a visionary and futurist in B2B sales for years. Sell Different! should be required reading for sales AND marketing professionals.  Accessible and chock full of insights.  Get your highlighter ready!” ccess.”

Matt Heinz

founder and president, Heinz Marketing

"Since January 2017, I've been taught Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by a six-time world champion who shows us the secret to his success every day: get great at what matters, and the only thing that matters is mastering the fundamentals. Sell Different! shows you what matters in sales, and shows you how to master what matters. The details on how his scholar-athlete son was won over by Coach Bateman are 100% applicable to your sales success and can and should be implemented by you immediately. If you did nothing more than buy this book, read through page 10, and apply the principles Lee shares, you'll be lapping your toughest competitors within 90 days. As you read on and apply his tips on virtual selling, "The Monster Mentor" concept, and why "targets" are better than "ideals," you'll not only lap your competition, you'll stay ahead of them for as long as you run the race."

Wes Schaeffer

author of "The Sales Whisperer® Way"

"In Sell Different!, sales management strategist Lee Salz gives you immediately actionable advice on how to overcome sales mediocrity by outsmarting, outmaneuvering and outselling the competition. This fast-reading book is a must-have for anyone who wants to win more deals at the most desirable prices." 

Jeff Beals

author of Self Marketing Power: Branding Yourself as a Business of One  

“Sell Different! is one of those rare books that gives you the big strategic idea….and provides detailed, ready-to-implement direction to help you win more deals at the right price.  When you know your audience, you understand your customer, which makes you very different. That means you can build differentiation your customer finds meaningful.  Then, since your customers buy your differentiated value, price becomes less and less important.  All important, but cooking these realities into actionable sales plays…priceless!”

Mark Boundy

CEO of Boundy Consulting, and author of Radical Value

"Regardless of the business you’re in, the ability to effectively sell in noisy, competitive markets is crucial to your success. As Lee Salz points out, competitive differentiation derives more from how you sell than what you sell. Sell Different! teaches you how to win more sales by creating differentiated buying experiences that align with the decision-making processes of your buyers. This is true buyer-centric selling."

Andy Paul

Best-selling author and Host of ‘Sales Enablement with Andy Paul’ podcast

"In today's sales environment where buyers are targeted with more attempts than ever to get their attention, the best way to cut through the noise and stand out is to sell differently. In Sell Different!, Lee Salz lays out the specific tactics sales pros can use right away to not only get through to more buyers and win more deals, but also do so at YOUR price."

Art Sobczak

author of Smart Calling

“Lee Salz’s new book, Sell Different!, offers unique insight into prospects’ perceptions of a sales call and how to ‘outsmart, outmaneuver, and outsell’ the competition. He shares clear examples and steps that are easy to implement to BE different. As a passionate prospector, I especially like the 16-day Prospecting Campaign and follow-up strategy to set you apart from the start. These strategies will make your clients confident you understand them and YOU are the best option.”

Kendra Lee

President, KLA Group and author of The Sales Magnet

“The perfect book for these new times. Sell Different! is the roadmap for sales success today and tomorrow. Easy to understand and easier to implement new strategies that will ensure victory in the only place that matters…your wallet. Lee Salz has once again positioned you to get ahead and stay ahead of the emerging sales battlefield. Buy. Study. Implement.”

Jeffrey Gitomer

author of The Little Red Book of Selling

“Sales is a competition. Your prospective clients are deciding whether to buy from you or your competitors. If you want them to choose you, the powerful strategies Lee presents in Sell Different! will make it clear you are different in a meaningful way so you get the deal at the prices you want.” 

Anthony Iannarino

Author of Eat Their Lunch: Winning Customers Away from Your Competition

“Lee Salz has done it again! I found so much clarity in ways to Sell Different! and stand out among the strong competition we all have to face today. I counted dozens and dozens of practical ideas to try - one of my favorites is the strategic way he teaches you how to ask your best clients for referrals with the "If You Were Me" strategy. Additionally, the overview throughout the book on what is critical to know about your target buyer and their world lays the foundation for success. Invest time to read this book and truly outsmart, outmaneuver, and outsell your competition.” 

Lori Richardson

CEO, Score More Sales, President, Women Sales Pros 

"Sales books come and go, some stick, some don't. Sell Different! is here to stay. Packed with relevant and applicable techniques that sales professionals can use straight out of the book, right now!” 

Simon Hares

International Sales Professional and Sales Coach. SerialTrainer7 Ltd.

“If you implement just one of the strategies from Sell Different! (for example, the If You Were Me strategy), your sales will soar. Step by step instructions and examples of how these strategies have been put into practice fill this book and make it one top salespeople will buy two copies of: one for their desk and one for their bag.” 

Phil Gerbyshak

Chief Revenue Officer, Process and Results

“Lee nails it! Sales leaders don’t think enough about how to train their salespeople in differentiating the ways they sell. Thus, in a highly competitive world, they are left to rely on their products’ features to win the deal. In Sell Different!, Lee provides the much needed roadmap to meaningfully differentiate, creating a buyer experience that leads them to want to buy from you rather than the competition.”  

Danita Bye

“Sell Different! is the right book at the right time. Everything is different since virtual selling became the norm and this book is the perfect toolkit for how to compete and stand out in new and different ways.” 

Merit Kahn

CEO SELLect Sales Development

“There are two common maladies in most sales organizations. Not being able to create meaningful differentiation and excessive discounting to win a deal. In Sell Different!, Lee Salz provides a roadmap on “how” to win deals profitably while simultaneously differentiating the seller and the buying experience. The book is filled with stories and anecdotes to bring the content and his message alive. If you are like me, you will find this book a quick read and hard to put down. This is a book you will hi-light and read several times. It is practical, tactical, applicable, and enjoyable. Sellers will find they can immediately apply the principles taught into their daily sales calls. If you want to render your competitors irrelevant and create competitive immunity this book is for you.”

Thomas J. Williams

co-author of The Seller’s Challenge and Buyer Centered Selling

"In this well-researched book of stories and instant insights, Lee has answered the ultimate question, 'how do I transfer my passion and belief in the value of my offer to my prospect?' In a world of deafening social noise and competition from every possible angle, the ideas in Sell Different! are sure to provide the strategies, tactics, and wisdom required to land your highest-value clients."

Dr. Pelè

Author of Social Velocity

“Lee has done it again!!  He continues to have his finger on the pulse of the ever changing sales world and, with Sell Different!, he delivers another winner as he lays out how to differentiate yourself and stand out from the pack – regardless if your new to sales or a sales veteran!”

Larry Reeves


“Everyone wants to know how to differentiate themselves in sales.  The key is simple: Sell Different!  In reading this ground-breaking book, you will learn what it truly takes to differentiate yourself in the game of sales.”

Ron Karr

Author of The Velocity Mindset®

"To get the most from Sell Different! you must first commit to be different . Take Lee's advice and examples and put them into in each and every part of your sales work."

Anthony Parinello

Best-Selling Author; Selling to VITO, the Very Important Top Officer

“The 80:20 rule is often quoted for what it takes to perform in any endeavor. In Sell Different!, Lee’s figured out that it is really 95:5 and the 5% is what really matters in sales. Lee talks about differentiation in a way I really like. Separation rather than differentiation is what Lee has written and it makes all the difference. Great job, Lee! The 95% can use your ideas to move into the 5%.”

Tom Searcy

best-selling author of “The Death of Selling,” and “The Whale Hunters.” In Forbes as “one of the top experts in large account selling.” Founder of Hunt Big Sales.

“What Lee Salz has done in Sell Different! is provide you with a step-by-step process on how to differentiate from the competition, guide your buyer towards value versus price, overcome common objections, and bottom line, win more business.”

Sam Richter

Hall of Fame Sales and Business Speaker and Bestselling Author

"Lee tells great stories about his son Steven's baseball adventures and how the schools that caught his attention were the schools led by true leaders, not just coaches.  In particular, the story of Keith Bateman, head coach of Augsburg University, stood out because of his AUTHENTICITY.  The coach did not do what most coaches do, but personally made calls to Steven, took him around the campus, introduced him to other students and athletes and made Steven feel at home, is a great lesson for all of us salespeople.  As I always say, authenticity is the strongest card in the deck.”

Antarctic Mike


“For me “transfer of passion” was what the entire new book Sell Different! by Lee Salz boils down to; transferring your passion for how you help, what you do differently, and why working together is key to THEIR success. How to make the transfer of passion happen with your prospects and customers is why you need to read the book.”

Lynn Hidy

UpYourTeleSales founder

“I love how Lee shares his sell different ideas through real world experiences. I felt like I was in the room and could see the Wow! Sell Different! is valuable for any sales professional or small business owner who wants their brand to shine through all the noise.”

Diane Helbig

Author, Succeed Without Selling

“Salespeople understand they must know what makes their product different to stand out with prospects and win their business. What they often miss is that THEY are the differentiating factor and HOW they sell makes all the difference. Sell Different! is packed with actionable ways for you to stand out and earn your prospects’ attention and their business – against even the stiffest competition. As I read this book, I found myself stopping in the middle of a page and putting Lee’s ideas into action – I just couldn’t wait! Excellent for beginners and seasoned veterans alike.”

Dianna Geairn

Founder – The Irreverent Sales Girl

“How can you not want to Outsmart, Outmaneuver, and Outsell the Competition? Finally, a practical guide to doing all that (and more) guaranteed to ensure you exceed targets with ease. Read this book. It’s your ticket to sales success.”

Colleen Francis

President and founder of engage Selling Solutions, Author of Honest Sells, and Nonstop Sales boom.

“Sell Different! is the kind of book that serious sales professionals enjoy. While many sales books wax inspirational or approach issues from a thirty-thousand foot viewpoint or present complex, often unworkable, frameworks, Lee’s new book is none of those things. This book is practical and immediately useable by salespeople at every level of experience. Following in the tracks of Sales Differentiation, Lee provides real-world tactics that work - and he has the clients success stories to prove it. Well-written and easy-to-read, Sell Different! will help you develop or dramatically improves a number of critical selling skills, and ultimately lead you to higher levels of sales. Spoiler Alert: Chapter 9, “The Ultimate Deal Killer,” is worth the price of the book all by itself!!”

Kelly Riggs

Fund of Business LockerRoom, Inc.®, and author of Quit Whining and Start SELLING! A Step-by-Step to a Hall of Fame Career in Sales.

“Sell Different! reveals insights on key sales topics that are applicable to everyone; from the first-time entrant to the sales profession to the seasoned sales leader looking to expand their sales base and win more deals. The foundational nature of this book will serve as the basis on which my sales program curriculum will be built to help our students mastering sales differentiation strategy.”

Todd Williams

Executive Director, Center for Sales Leadership and Education, University of Minnesota

“Sell Different! Lee Salz authored the book that is the sales differentiator for success.  Gaining confidence in the sales profession is no easy task, and it’s more challenging to stand out from the crowded playing field.  Salz gives you step-by-step guidance for becoming the sought-after provider who is trusted and admired. Should you desire to outsell the competition, I highly recommend you get the book and master its teachings!”

Elinor Stutz

Smooth Sale CEO, is an International Best-Selling Author, Top 1% Influencer, and and Inspirational Speaker

“To your customers, the products and services you sell are not different or better than your competitors. But the way you sell can make all the difference between competing on price and winning more deals at the prices you want. In Sell Different!, Lee Salz shows you how to make the difference.”

Douglas Burdett

host of The Marketing Book Podcast

“Buy anything Lee Salz writes. I absolutely love Sell Different! My takeaways are all related to Lee’s pro-level questions, like; “If you were me…? (referrals)”; vertical questions (closing); don’t fail the flinch test (pricing) and more. Do these seem cryptic? Yes, buy the book and discover sales brilliance. Put his strategies into practice. This is worth every minute you invest in it.”

Dan Seidman

Dan Seidman of Got Influence? and Author of the Ultimate Guide to Sales Training

“In a hyper-competitive landscape where sales people struggle to differentiate, Lee demonstrates how smart reps win by creating intentional experiences for their prospects and clients. As an advocate for the power of customer experience to drive revenue, I believe the ideas in Sell Differently change the game in a way that buyers will love. Grab a highlighter and a notepad as you absorb each chapter. Put these ideas to work to win more deals at a higher profit!”

Darrell Amy

Author of Revenue Growth Engine: How To Align Sales & Marketing to Accelerate Growth

“Be authentic and show up different than the other salespeople contacting your buyers. Make the entire buying process easy for your buyer. In Sell Different, Lee lays out a complete “how to” for doing so. As a long-term proponent of “genuine sales”, it was refreshing to read the stories and examples Lee shares to support an ethical way to help your buyers decide your solution is the right one for them.”

Nancy Bleeke

Award winning author of Conversations That Sell and Developer of the Genuine Sales suite of courses

“Lee Salz’ new book Sell Different! is packed with evidence-based insights, strategies, and tactics that will help any salesperson rise above the competition. A must read for anyone who is looking to reinvent and improve their sales organization, sales career or sales process.”

Shane Gibson

Professional Speaker & Author of “Real Results in a Virtual Economy

“I have always taught sales pros to develop ways to go the extra mile, to be different from everyone else. It’s critical to be not only memorable, but memorable because of the level of service you provide your clients. In this book, Lee Salz has compiled excellent strategies for doing just that. Learn how to Sell Different! and win!”

Tom Hopkins

author of How to Master the Art of Selling and The Language of Sales

“The world has changed and you need new sales strategies. In Sell Different!, Lee’s shared his best practices, strategies and tactics that will help you win more, do more! If you need to create more opportunities, win more deals - you should read this book. Highly recommend it.”

Lahat Tzvi

CEO of Tfisot - Sales Consulting Group

“For the past 28 years I have worked with over 24,000 sales professionals. When I ask them, “why should a prospect buy from you?” they give me the same old generic answers. They say, “our price, our quality, our service”. It’s the same answer their competitors give and there is zero differentiation! Lee does a brilliant job of spelling out exactly how to differentiate yourself from your competitors. If you want to win more deals, read every page and put his ideas into action!”

Andy Miller

CEO, Selling Power Top 10 Sales Consultant, Vistage Top 100 Speakers

“Most new customer acquisition processes are designed to achieve one specific outcome; winning deals. Sell Different! delivers a practical roadmap so that you can align your sales strategy with the way your customers make purchasing decisions today. Sell Different! flips the script on traditional sales models that not longer work, so that you can create your competitive edge, increase customer loyalty, maximize the lifetime value of every client, and transform into a sales champion.”

Keith Rosen

CEO, Profit Builders, Author, SALES LEADERSHIP and Coaching Salespeople Into Sales Champions

“Lee Salz has done it again.  I didn’t think Lee could out do his last book Sales Differentiation but he has with his new book Sell Different!  I especially love Lee’s actionable 16-phase plan for elusive prospects.  Every sales organization should recommend both of his books as standard operating reading.”

Steven Schussler

Founder & CEO, Schussler Creative, Inc.

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About Lee B. Salz

Lee B. Salz is a world-renowned sales management strategist and CEO of Sales Architects®. When salespeople aren’t winning deals at desired levels or price points, executives and business owners turn to Lee B. Salz. A recognized specialist in Sales Differentiation, Lee helps organizations win more deals at the prices they want. Working across all industries and sales types, he creates winning sales strategies for companies around the globe.

A featured columnist in The Business Journals and a media source on sales and sales management, Lee has been quoted and featured in The Wall Street Journal, CNN, The New York Times, MSNBC, ABC News, and numerous other outlets.

A featured columnist in The Business Journals and a media source on sales and sales management, Lee has been quoted and featured in The Wall Street Journal, CNN, The New York Times, MSNBC, ABC News, and numerous other outlets.

Lee is a frequently sought keynote speaker at association conferences, sales meetings, and virtual events. He conducts customized workshops on a wide array of sales performance topics including Sales Differentiation, salesforce development, hiring, onboarding, and compensation.

He is the bestselling, award-winning author of six books, including Sales Differentiation and Hire Right, Higher Profits.

A graduate of Binghamton University, originally from New York City and New Jersey, Lee now resides with his family in Minneapolis. When he isn’t helping his clients win more deals at the prices they want, you will find him throwing batting practice to his sons, training for his next powerlifting meet, and goofing around with his dogs.

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