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When your salespeople hear, “We’re happy with our current supplier,” do they sheepishly offer to check back later and pray that the current supplier fails.

When they hear, “Your products are the same as theirs,” do they look like a deer in the headlights and stammer their way through a response?”

When prospects tell your salespeople, “Your price is too high,” do they sprint to your office and demand a lower price to win the deal?

To knock-out the competition, your salespeople need Sales Differentiation strategies that blast prospects’ doors open, engage buyers, and win deals at desired price points.

Oftentimes, salespeople and executives are super-passionate about the differentiators they possess. “We should never have to fight over price,” they say. Yet, their salespeople are ineffective in building the same excitement in prospects about those differentiators that they have. If this sounds like your company, this program is for you!

Knock-Out the Competition!  is a collaborative workshop program in which management and salespeople develop powerful Sales Differentiation strategies—communication techniques that resonate with Decision Influencers and:

  • Disrupt a buyer’s “happy” perception by refocusing their buying criteria from their current vendor to your product/service expertise
  • Create dialogue about differentiators that lead prospects to explore alternative solutions with your company
  • Recalibrate a buyer’s focus from price to the right solution for their needs


How you sell, not just what you sell, differentiates you.


Expect these 3 game-changing results from Knock-Out the Competition!


  • Grow sales pipelines as salespeople pique prospect interest leveraging your sales differentiation strategies
  • Win more deals as salespeople meaningfully engage prospects with your differentiators
  • Drive profitability – winning deals at the prices you want


PLUS, we build your customized “Sales Differentiation Playbook” to reinforce Sales Differentiation strategies for your current salespeople and to more quickly onboard new salespeople.






Executives tell us that sales differentiation strategies have turned the tide for their sales teams: Highly successful, veteran salespeople say this program liberates them from stale approaches and fuels them for reaching the next level. This program thrusts newer salespeople into the fast lane to success.



During this workshop program, your team will:


  • Analyze your key competitors to understand why you win or lose deals and develop true differentiators that outsell them
  • Learn how to pack a knock-out punch with sales differentiators correctly aligned with different buyer profiles
  • Skillfully use commonly overlooked, often misunderstood, and poorly communicated sales differentiators
  • Profile each of your differentiators and develop a compelling positioning strategy to turn their happy clients into your receptive buyers

And much, much more…


Let’s talk! Use the Contact Us button to schedule a complimentary 30-minute sales differentiation consultation with Lee Salz. This is a great program for your next management or sales meeting.


Lee B. Salz

Lee Salz, Sales Architects CEO, is a leading sales management strategist and sales differentiation expert who has helped build world-class sales forces in hundreds of companies in various industries and sizes. When salespeople struggle to win deals at established prices, executives turn to him to create marketplace disruption and generate profitable growth.


The best-selling author of four business books, with a fifth about sales differentiation in development, Lee is a featured columnist with the Business Journals. A member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), he also is frequently interviewed by the media on sales and sales management issues and has been featured and quoted by The Wall Street Journal, CNN, The New York Times, MSNBC, ABC News, and several other media outlets.

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