This epidemic is clogging sales pipelines everywhere
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Lee Salz is a Featured Columnist for The Business Journals.

This epidemic is clogging sales pipelines everywhere

“I’m confused. I’ve had great meetings with the right people in the organization. They said that they love our product, but that was eight months ago. I’ve continued to call and I’ve followed-up with emails, and still there is no response…”

What salesperson can’t relate to this story? Chances are your pipeline is loaded with these kinds of prospects. A tremendous amount of sales time has been spent — the company has invested thousands of dollars in pursuit of these “done deal” prospects, and still there is no revenue in sight.

Meeting after meeting with your sales manager is peppered with: “Where’s the deal?” Then comes the inquisition… “Did you tell them this?” “Did you tell them that?” “Did you show them the latest…?” The answer to all of those is, “Yes!” Yet, there is still no sale in sight.

Now the sales excuses start: ”I’ve called and emailed them, but they haven’t responded. You have to understand that these are senior-level managers. They are busy, that’s why they haven’t gotten back to me. They have a full plate!”

There is some bad news to share about Full Plate Syndrome. This issue has reached epidemic proportions in the sales profession. Decision-maker after decision-maker has come down with this dreaded affliction.

Sales pipelines everywhere have come to a screeching halt as decision-makers fall to this syndrome at record levels. It’s very difficult to identify those who have contracted it. They are very receptive during interactions with salespeople and give the appearance that a deal is imminent, but nothing ever happens.

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