Are your salespeople dis-servicing their buyers?
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Lee Salz is a Featured Columnist for The Business Journals.

Are your salespeople dis-servicing their buyers?

There’s a buzz in the air as I’m writing this.

It’s not a metaphorical buzz, but rather a very real one. It’s the sound of chainsaws cutting down damaged trees in my backyard.

A few nights ago, a massive thunderstorm hit our neighborhood. While it wasn’t a tornado, there were straight-line winds of more than 80 mph. That speed is in the range of an F1 tornado.

The morning after the storm, I looked at my backyard and saw a disaster. Huge trees and large limbs had turned my fence into scrap metal.

After contacting my insurance company, it was time to find a company to handle the clean-up process. I called three tree service companies to get bids on the project.

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