Lee Salz ~ Sales Keynote Speaker

“Lee’s keynote was the highlight of our sales meeting. Energy… Humor… Content…
His talk had it all, and it was fully tailored to our company which our team loved!”

— Scott Halperin, Senior Vice President, Vensure

Educate, Energize,
Entertain, and Engage!

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“Lee came to us highly recommended and now I know why. Our members want actionable content during our programs and Lee delivered! He used master storytelling skills and insightful workshops to convey important concepts that our members could easily implement. Add us to the list that highly recommend Lee!”

— Glenda Amar, Executive Director, EO Minnesota

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Raving Fans

Sales Management Strategist, Lee Salz energizes and educates audiences both in-person and virtually. His content resonates with salespeople, sales managers, and executives because it is based on proven concepts and is immediately actionable. During his programs, he shares captivating, stories to teach important business strategies that help you win more deals at the prices you want. Audiences laugh while they learn.

Lee is a proud member of the National Speakers Association

Sales Keynotes

Sales Keynote Speaker ~ Lee Salz

Sales Differentiation®
Your Unfair Selling Advantage

“We’re happy with our current supplier.” Old, tired sales techniques fail to open doors, leaving salespeople frustrated with dry sales pipelines.

“Beat the competition’s price or we are going with them.” Drop the price… or lose the deal!

What’s the solution for these tough sales challenges? Sales Differentiation!

During this keynote talk, Lee teaches audiences how to find their meaningful differentiators and, most importantly, position them in ways that spark interest with prospects. After all, if you can’t get the person on the other side of the desk just as excited as you are about your differentiators, low price wins!

Sell Different!
Outsmart, Outmaneuver, and Outsell the Competition

Competition is fierce. Differences in product features and functions get smaller by the minute. And prospects are tuning out traditional sales approaches. Yet, salespeople are still expected to hit their numbers. How can they do that today?

They need to Sell Different! This keynote talk presents strategies to win more deals at the prices you want® by differentiating the selling approach. Every buyer touchpoint provides sellers with opportunities to outsmart, outmaneuver, and outsell the competition… and Lee teaches audiences how to do exactly that.

Sales Keynote Presenter ~ Lee Salz
Sales Keynote Speaker ~ Lee Salz

Move the Sales Needle!
Incremental Gains for Massive Results

The search is on for strategies that will have a monumental impact on sales…and executives and salespeople are disappointed when they can’t find those. What they fail to recognize is the power of incremental gains…little things they can do that have a magical impact on results.

In this keynote, Lee enlightens audiences with opportunities they have to move the sales needle. They learn strategies, tactics, and techniques that improve sales effectiveness during every stage of the sales process.

Sales Workshops

Building SalesPEOPLE into World-Class SalesFORCES

Have you built the sales organization framework that can deliver the results you want? In most cases, the answer to that question is, unfortunately, “No.” But that issue is fixable through this program!

Executives commonly use three expressions synonymously to describe their sales organization: Sales Department, Sales Team, and Sales Force. But those expressions aren’t synonyms. They are stages of sales organization maturity

Most sales organizations begin in an elementary stage as a SalesDEPARTMENT with little to no structure and inconsistent results. Over time, with management guidance and direction, they mature into an emerging stage as a SalesTEAM characterized by leveraging best practices and open communication. The ultimate goal is to reach the expert stage of SalesFORCE. During this stage, sales organizations are fully optimized and perform at the highest levels as the organization is founded on process.

As sales organizations progress through the maturity stages, effectiveness, revenue, and profitability increase. And, that maturation process is exactly what participants learn during this workshop for each of the six components of a sales organization!

  • New Client Acquisition
  • Account Management
  • Sales Hiring
  • Sales Onboarding
  • Compensation Design
  • Performance Optimization

The group participates in a series of workshops that teach immediately implementable strategies. Participants leave this program with the tools they need to optimize their sales organization and drive profitable growth.

This program can be delivered in half-day or full-day events – both in-person and virtually.

“I’m Stuck!”

During sales pursuits, salespeople encounter roadblocks and need help blasting them out of the way. With this program, salespeople present their deals to Lee, and he helps them develop strategies to move them forward. This workshop is a great addition to a sales meeting or as an ongoing virtual program.

Discovery Strategy Development

Want to win more deals at the prices you want®? Improve the handling of discovery! During this workshop program, attendees develop a discovery strategy that helps them improve conversion ratios.

Deal Obstacles

Call them what you want. Concerns, objections, stalls… these are the obstacles salespeople encounter during their pursuit of new deals. If these are not handled properly, these can become deal killers. During this workshop, formalized strategies are developed to remove sales barriers.

HOW You Sell, Not Just WHAT You Sell, DIFFERENTIATES You

Every selling/buyer interaction provides salespeople with opportunities to provide meaningful value in ways the competition is not. During this program, attendees participate in a series of workshops that help them differentiate their selling approach to outsmart, outmaneuver, and outsell the competition.

Knock-Out the Competition!

Why should someone buy from you versus the competition? If you can’t succinctly and effectively answer that question with substance, either the competition wins or you fight a price battle. Both are awful, yet unnecessary outcomes of deal pursuits. During this program, attendees learn ways to find their meaningful differentiators and strategies to position them in an effective manner with prospects.

Sales Management Strategy Workshop
Sales Management Program Workshop
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Sales Differentiation Workshops ~ Lee Salz
Sales Skills Workshops ~ Lee Salz

Virtual Sales Programs

Lee Salz ~ Virtual Sales Programs
Lee's Virtual Tonight Show

What do you do when you need to energize your team and teach them new skills, but can’t get them together for an in-person event? Host Lee’s Virtual Tonight Show™ starring YOUR COMPANY.

Everyone has had enough of narrated PowerPoint presentations with a tiny talking speaker head, but that’s what most virtual programs are. Zoom fatigue sets-in and they tune out. Your team wants a different experience in a virtual environment and that’s what you’ll give them!

Lee’s Virtual Tonight Show™ program is presented in an interview-style format. There are no slides, just our video on screen, which audiences love. We’ll delve into sales, business development, and sales management topics most of interest to your team. It’s a fully tailored experience to what you want the team to hear.

Audiences laugh, get energized, and, most importantly, learn strategies that help them blast through roadblocks.

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