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Sales Management Strategist, Lee B. Salz energizes and educates audiences both in-person and virtually. His content resonates with salespeople, sales managers, and executives because it is based on proven concepts and is immediately actionable. During his programs, he shares captivating, stories to teach important business strategies that help you win more deals at the prices you want. Audiences laugh while they learn.

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Virtual ‘Tonight Show’

Format : Virtual Type : Keynote

You recognize that your salespeople need to be energized with new ideas to help them sell, but are limited to a virtual environment. I’m sure your salespeople, like most of us, suffer from Zoom fatigue the result of watching countless virtual presentations which are nothing more than narrated PowerPoints. They want something different for a virtual keynote talk. They want to be entertained and engaged while they learn. And that’s exactly what our Virtual ‘Tonight Show‘ keynote program provides.

The Virtual ‘Tonight Show’ is an interview-style presentation whereby you interview me on sales and/or sales management topics that are of interest to your team. I present hard-hitting, actionable content that they can immediately put into practice.

What your salespeople will find refreshing is that there are no slides for this talk. All they see is the interviewer and me talking about a wide array of sales and/or sales management topics. Nothing dry in this conversation…they’ll laugh while they learn!

After the interview, we open the floor for your team (the audience) to ask questions about what was discussed. This program is tailored to each client and is available in 30-minute, 60-minute, and 90-minute formats.

This program is a great way to energize your salespeople while they learn new ideas in a virtual environment.


Knock-Out the Competition!
Sales Differentiation Strategy Development Program

Format : In Person Or Virtual Type : Workshop

Why should a prospect buy from you? If you can’t quickly and clearly answer that question with substance, you are either losing to the competition or dropping your prices to win the deals. Both of those are awful outcomes and don’t need to happen.

Based on Lee’s bestselling book “Hire Right, Higher Profits,” The “Knock-Out the Competition! – Sales Differentiation Strategy Development Program” (available in-person and virtually) is a collaborative workshop program that helps you identify your meaningful differentiators and develop compelling ways to communicate them with prospects.

You may be super-passionate about the reasons to buy from you. But if you can’t arouse that same passion in the person on the other side of the desk, the only conversation you are going to have is…price.

We document the entire workshop program, produce your Sales Differentiation Playbook, and guide you through implementation of the Playbook with your salesforce.


Building a World-Class Sales Force

Format : In Person Or Virtual Type : Keynote

Business executives and sales leaders share the same dream. “Hire a rainmaker, put my feet on the desk, and let the revenue roll in!” While this dream rarely comes true, it doesn’t stop executives from continuing to chase it. This flawed dream leads to nightmares of missed revenue targets, revolving doors on sales teams, and executives pulling out their hair in frustration.

The “Building a World-Class Sales Force” keynote talk (available in-person and virtually) helps companies stop chasing rainbows and start building high-performance sales forces. In this fun and educational program, Lee introduces the concept of “revenue investment” – a true description of the dollars associated with adding salespeople to your team.

He teaches you how to make informed revenue investment decisions when hiring salespeople, protect the investment and receive a fast, high return on it through sales onboarding, and use sales compensation as a lever to drive revenue investment performance.

By the end of this program, you will have an actionable approach to transform your sales organization leading to top and bottom-line results.

Peak performing companies don’t hire salespeople. They make investments in revenue.


Removing Deal Obstacles Strategy Development Program

Format : In Person Or Virtual Type : Workshop

No sales process is perfect. If it were, every prospect your salespeople pursue would become a client. Call them what you want: objections, concerns or stalls… these are the obstacles salespeople encounter during their pursuit of deals. If these sales barriers are not handled properly, they can become deal killers.

Many companies have not formalized their strategy to remove deal obstacles. They leave it to their salespeople to (hopefully) figure out which leaves them vulnerable to missed opportunities and lost deals.

Our Deal Obstacles Resolution workshop program turns this sales weakness into your competitive strengths. During this program, every deal obstacle that occurs during every phase of the sales process is identified. For each one, a strategy is developed through brainshare sessions conducted with your team based on your best practices.

The entire strategy development program is documented, and we produce your Deal Obstacles Resolution Guide to help your existing salespeople develop mastery and assist your new salespeople learn the strategies during onboarding.

This tool removes sales barriers and helps salespeople win more deals at the prices you want.


Sales Differentiation: Your Unfair Advantage

Format : In Person Or Virtual Type : Keynote

“We’re happy with our current supplier.” In over 95% of initial contacts, that is what uninterested prospects tell salespeople. Old, tired sales techniques fail to open doors, leaving salespeople frustrated with dry sales pipelines.

“Why should we buy from you?” This is the huge question on buyers’ minds buyers. The competition wins if salespeople can’t offer a quick, concise, and substantive answer.

“If we don’t drop our price, we will lose the deal.” That’s the desperate cry from salespeople as they try to win deals in hyper-competitive marketplaces. While the easy answer is to lower prices, the company sacrifices margin—often needlessly.

What’s the solution to these tough sales challenges? Sales Differentiation!

Most executives think marketing is the sole source of differentiation. But what about sales? This commonly neglected differentiation opportunity reveals the secret to open doors with complacent prospects, engage buyers in a meaningful way, and win more deals at the prices you want®.

Sales management strategist, Lee B. Salz inspires salespeople and executives with his Sales Differentiation keynote talk based on his award-winning, bestselling book of the same title. During this program, audiences learn how to find their meaningful differentiators and, most importantly, position them in ways that spark interest with prospects.

A master storyteller, Lee captivates and entertains audiences by sharing actionable Sales Differentiation strategies and tactics that salespeople can immediately put into practice. Salespeople come away from this program ready to differentiate to dominate!

This program is available in sixty- and ninety-minute formats and can include custom combinations of the following modules:
• Why saying “best” is a flawed strategy—and what salespeople should do instead
• How marketing and sales both contribute to developing a differentiation strategy
• Why over 75% of prospects buy from a particular salesperson [Hint: it’s not because of price]
• The one word that is the root cause of both sales frustration and ineffective selling approaches
• The price versus value scale — and how to make it fall in your favor
• The myth of the educated buyer — providing meaningful value by shaping buyer decision criteria
• A creative way to help buyers think differently about the solutions they have or could have
• Words that sell and those that send buyers running away
• The common mistake salespeople make when trying to differentiate – and it’s a deal-killer
• From lecture to conversation – engaging buyers in dialogue about your differentiators
• The question type that sparks buyer intrigue about your differentiators
• The five-step process to develop a communication strategy for your differentiators
• Leveraging sales differentiation to turn buyer complacency into receptivity for your solutions

Bonus! All attendees also receive access to the Sales Differentiation Minute – Volume I video series. Every week for a year, they receive a link to a video that helps them implement what they learned.


Discovery Strategy Development Program

Format : In Person Or Virtual Type : Workshop

“My salespeople can’t close!” When salespeople are unsuccessful winning deals, the issue is believed to be in the closing phase of the sales process. However, “closing” is merely a symptom of the real problem which traces back to the discovery phase.

Think about this… If all your salespeople told you they just had a great discovery meeting, what would you know for certain happened during the meeting? For most executives, that question leaves them silent because they have never prescribed the handling of this critical phase of the sales process. Leaving discovery to chance leads to low closing rates, inconsistent differentiation and positioning of your products, and having to drop prices to win deals.

Our Discovery Strategy Development Program results in a prescribed approach for discovery. Delivered in a workshop format, we conduct brainshare sessions with your team to identify best practices amongst your team. We then turn those into process for all of your salespeople to leverage.

Sure. You could buy an off-the-shelf sales program, but those never fit exactly right in the organization and are rebuffed by salespeople. Because your salespeople are involved in this strategy development initiative, they embrace your methodology because its theirs (and yours).

Based on the workshop content, we produce your Discovery Playbook to help your salespeople master the new strategies and for use when onboarding new salespeople. This is the tool your salespeople need to win more deals at the prices you want.

Outcomes you can expect from this program include:

1. Deal closing rates increase as your salespeople will have a prescriptive approach for the discovery phase of the process.

2. Sales cycles will be reduced because your salespeople will have the tools to keep their deals energized.

3. Your salespeople will be better prepared for discovery meetings and have a clear plan to conduct them.

4. Your salespeople will create more engagement with Decision Influencers and acquire more detailed information during discovery.


Sell Different! Outsmart, Outmaneuver, and Outsell the Competition to Win More Deals at the Prices You Want!®

Format : In Person Or Virtual Type : Keynote

Competition is fierce. Differences in product features and functions get smaller by the minute. And prospects are tuning out traditional sales approaches. Yet, salespeople are still expected to hit their numbers. How can they do that today?

They need to Sell Different! Lee B. Salz, sales management strategist and international bestselling author of Sales Differentiation and Sell Different!, presents strategies to win more deals at the prices you want® by differentiating the selling approach. Every buyer touchpoint provides sellers with opportunities to outsmart, outmaneuver, and outsell the competition… and Lee teaches salespeople how to do just that.

A master storyteller, Lee captivates and entertains audiences as they learn actionable Sell Different! strategies and tactics that salespeople can put into practice the moment they leave the talk. This program gives salespeople the tools they need to sell more by selling different.

This program is available in sixty- and ninety-minute formats and can include custom combinations of the following modules:
The Power of One: How small changes in the selling approach can have a huge impact on results
The Buying Experience: Make every buyer feel special, so they want to do business with you rather than the competition
Target Client: Invest every sales minute wisely by identifying those who most value what you sell.
Business Developer’s Mantra: Develop the mindset that leads to record sales success
Business Development: Find more of your best clients with a unique prospecting strategy
Referrals: Acquire more of these best leads than you ever dreamed possible
Prospecting: Learn to stand out when reaching out
Discovery: Improve deal conversion ratios at the beginning of the relationship
Follow-up: Keep your deal energized and on track
Proposals: Create a compelling executive summary that stands out from the competition
Demos: Replace the soliloquy with deal-advancing conversation
Pilots & Trials: Win full deals with successful trials
Client Onboarding: Defeat the fear of change that paralyzes buyers and kills deals
Deal Obstacles: Learn strategies to navigate objections, concerns, and stalls
References: Transform reference requests from rote tasks to strategic selling opportunities
Conquering Accounts: Maximize revenue from your clients while keeping competitors out
Account Management: Deliver proactive meaningful value beyond product benefits
The Irrefutable Differentiator: Learn how salespeople can personally differentiate themselves

Bonus! All attendees also receive access to the Sales Differentiation Minute – Volume II video series. Every week for a year, they receive a link to a video that helps them implement what they learned.