Hire Right Testimonial

The challenge in building a strong sales organization has always been in identifying and retaining the right talent. Hire Right, Higher Profits looks past the hype. It recognizes that success is about process, and involves more sweat than inspiration. This book offers a detailed and sound process that will deliver consistent results. If you have the determination to build a winning team, Hire Right Hire Profits is a great place to start.
Howard Stevens, Chairman, Chally Group Worldwide
Over the past 40 years, I’ve helped hundreds of companies train their salespeople. However, one area where I fell short was helping them make informed decisions when hiring and onboarding salespeople. In Hire Right, Higher Profits, Lee Salz presents us with solutions for both hiring salespeople who will excel in their roles, and onboarding them effectively to ensure the investment made in new salespeople yields a high return.
Dr. Tony Alessandra, Hall-of-Fame Keynote Speaker and author of Non-Manipulative Selling and The Platinum Rule for Sales Mastery
Executives spend countless hours coming up with new sales strategies, yet few invest the time to find the best people to execute them. In Hire Right, Higher Profits, Lee Salz presents an easy-to-implement program that helps you select the right salespeople and create the plan needed to get them up to speed in a snap.
Jill Konrath, author of SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies
What is presented in Hire Right, Higher Profits is not theory. We implemented this hiring and onboarding strategy in our business and it works! We made better decisions when hiring and prepared the new salespeople to sell effectively for us. As a result, we had one of our best sales years in our history. This book is a game changer!
Susan Savage, CEO, Sacramento River Cats, the Triple-A Baseball team for the Oakland A’s
There are two types of sales managers: those who have hired a sales dud and those who will hire one! Hiring salespeople is like playing craps but the odds are worse. If you’re not going to hire right, you might just as well toss a coin and save yourself a lot of time. On the other hand, if you want to hire right, read this book. No, don’t just read this book, digest it. In this tightly written book, “Doctor” Salz give you the prescription for avoiding hiring headaches. Here, in an easy to read and easy to digest format, is the process for hiring people who can sell something other than themselves. The process not only outlines how to hire them, but tells you what you need to do to get them up to speed and making money for you. I’m a strong advocate of the process that Lee outlines because I’ve seen it work time and time again. It’s worked for others and it can work for you. Buy it. Read it. Profit from it.
Brian Jeffrey, Sales Management Consultant, Quintarra Consulting Inc.
Publicity can open doors to new sales, but it usually takes a talented and well-trained salesperson to make the sale. Hire Right, Higher Profits will show you how to get the right people onboard and train them well so you can profit.
Dan Janal, president and founder, PRLEADS.com and author of Reporters Are Looking for YOU!
This is a highly focused piece of work with very clear, very practical value to those hiring salespeople. The return on investment of time put into implementing the concepts in Hire Right, Higher Profits will be very high.
George Bradt, Managing Director, PrimeGenesis Executive Onboarding
Hire Right, Higher Profits is a philosophy, business strategy, and one of the best books of the year. Lee Salz has the perfect experience and wisdom to write it.
Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE, Past President of the National Speakers Association
Lee Salz’s new book, Hire Right, Higher Profits, should be required reading every sales manager whether he or she is in the process of hiring new salespeople or managing their existing sales force. A practical book and a great read!
Barry Siskind, author of Powerful Exhibit Marketing
For every busy sales leader today taking time out to read even the best of books is a hard pill to swallow. But I know Lee Salz, so when he asked me to review Hire Right, Higher Profits, I agreed. I fully expected to skim over the book landing my eyes only on the points that really popped. Then I read the first chapter and the story he told was like a great big splash of AHA. So, onto the second chapter and WHOOSH another giant splash. I was happily bathing in a convincing perspective on why hiring right is the key to higher profits. Thankfully, Lee offers a warm towel of HOW TO DO IT and just as important, how to keep doing it. You will enjoy this book. You’ll learn from this book. And your company will benefit from this book.
Nancy Nardin, CEO, Smart Selling Tools and Sales Productivity University
Any company looking for a proven sales onboarding process should start with Hire Right, Higher Profits. Hiring the best candidate is only the beginning; the onboarding process that follows is what makes or breaks the success of both the salespeople and the company.
Vincent Melograna, former Sales Training Manager, Oki Data Americas, Inc.
In Hire Right, Higher Profits, Lee Salz succinctly lays out the challenges that sales managers, and the companies they work for, face when attempting to recruit top sales talent. Lee then gives solid advice that you can take to the bank (and I mean that literally) to assist you in finding and recruiting the right salespeople in order to close more business and increase your sales and profits. A MUST read for any executive and sales leader!
Jeff Goldberg, President, Jeff Goldberg & Associates
Lee has addressed, in my opinion, one of the most vital issues in the world of sales. Recruiting the right person is directly proportional to retention, and Lee puts this into excellent perspective. He has covered every facet of onboarding the right people and making sure they are positioned for success. If you are churning and burning salespeople, Hire Right, Higher Profits will help you end the madness!
Stu Schlackman, author of Four People You Should Know
While BlitzMasters helps salespeople master phone skills, we need to have the right people for the roles. All of the sales training in the world cannot fix poor sales hiring practices. In Hire Right, Higher Profits, you learn how to make smart decisions before you extend an offer and how to make your new salesperson a success.
Andrea Sittig-Rolf, Chief BlitzMaster & CEO, BlitzMasters
Lee Salz is a visionary, sales management strategist who truly understands the role of a salesperson and how a company’s leadership can either support or sabotage its sales team’s efforts. This book will help company leadership understand and develop the right sales hiring and onboarding experience for profitable growth.
Janet Boulter, Business Advisor, Center Consulting Group
Don't hire another salesperson without first reading this book! When you have the right people on your team, you'll see the positive impact it makes on your bottom line!
Mark Hunter
Lee Salz does it again! He blends practical advice with deep insights gained over years of sales management experience to give a treasure trove of information on what to do and not do when hiring sales professionals.
Rick Olson, President/CEO, KRM Information Services, Inc.
Lee Salz has written the definitive tour de force resource for hiring and onboarding strategies in his new book Hire Right, Higher Profits. The book is a no-nonsense, in-your-face analysis of how flawed and outmoded hiring processes can bring your company, to its financial knees. Salz introduces his ‘revenue investment’ strategy for hiring and creating effective and successful sales people and sales teams. This powerful methodology creates a collaborative partnership between sales person and hiring manager, resulting in less turnover and greater success in meeting sales objectives. This book is a must-read for C-level executives as well as sales managers. It will forever change your corporate sales culture and provide a solid hiring process and roadmap for identifying those sales reps best aligned to help you meet your - and their - revenue goals.
Babette N. Ten Haken, Founder & President, Sales Aerobics for Engineers ®, LLC,, author of Do YOU Mean Business?
Lee Salz has presented a comprehensive and easily read set of sales hiring and onboarding guidelines that ensure maximum success and minimum cost. I found Hire Right, Higher Profits to be an excellent guide for both the new and existing sales manager aiming for sales success.
Geoff Keifer, Keifer Consulting
Organizations make investments in the math and science behind analyzing customer buying processes and developing the right sales process to grow revenue. Yet, too many executives continue to approach hiring the sales force as an artful act of intuition. The shift in approach from hiring salespeople to investing in revenue is a proven strategy for highly successful businesses. Any executive responsible for the sales function stands to greatly accelerate revenue and profit growth after implementing Lee’s model and practices.
Diahn Hevel, CEO, Hevel +Co
"Lee Salz has hit another home run. Everything you need to know about hiring, onboarding, training, and making your salespeople productive is contained in this book. Lee makes it perfectly clear why hiring salespeople is one of the most important decisions a company can make. I wish this book was available when I started in sales management. No one in sales management should be without this valuable and insightful book. Thanks Lee."
Garrett Colbert, Director of Sales and Business Development , Civicom
"Making great hiring decisions is critical to any sales manager. Yet too many managers treat hiring very lightly, spending more time managing discretionary budgets than the significant investment they make in their salespeople. Lee Salz provides a thoughtful guide on the 'investment' decisions sales managers make when recruiting, hiring, and managing for performance. Be prepared to be a little shocked as you reflect on hiring mistakes you may have made in the past. But know that in Hire Right, Higher Profits, you have a detailed guide to changing that and dramatically improving the decisions you make on future hires. Lee provides a thoughtful guide to dramatically improving the quality of your hires and ensuring their success in your organization. This is a must read and must execute for every sales manager."
David Brock, CEO, Partners In Excellence
"One of my star sales manager clients once said, 'Hire brilliantly. Train relentlessly.' In twenty-five years of sales and presentation training, her philosophy has been demonstrated over and over again. In his latest book, Lee Salz expertly demonstrates how to hire brilliantly. A must read for every sales manager interested in maximizing revenue."
Anne Miller, author of The Tall Lady With the Iceberg: the power of metaphors to sell, persuade & explain anything to anyone
"In your hands you hold the blueprint for what you need to know and what you need to do to hedge your hiring bets. Lee provides a new perspective, along with tangible tools for building a team that can dominate your market."
Mark LeBlanc, President of Small Business Success , author of Growing Your Business and Never Be the Same
"Hire Right, Higher Profits is just plain fantastic. It has the rare combination of being jam-packed with practical information that will make a huge difference, being fun to read and easy to absorb. After reading this book, I found myself thinking ‘I wish all business books were written this well and had this quality of information.’ Whether you are looking for a big picture, strategy perspective shift that will make a big difference, or practical drill-down ‘do this’ tactics, you will find Hire Right, Higher Profits to be a goldmine of actionable recommendations. This book should be on EVERY smart sales managers desk."
David Lee, founder of HumanNature@Work and OnboardingHero.com
"Lee Salz provides a thorough look at hiring salespeople. Expect your long-held beliefs about how to bring on a successful employee to be challenged."
Todd Raphael, Editor in Chief at the recruiting media company ERE (ere.net)
"Lee Salz's new book, Hire Right, Higher Profits, presents a powerful message - an investment in the sales force is an investment in revenue. It’s important to take the time to do it right."
Bill Hettinger, author of Finance Without Fear
When hiring salespeople, if you make wrong decisions or don’t train new hires correctly, you can set back your company’s goals by many months…or worse. In Hire Right, Higher Profits, Lee Salz gives you the instruction manual — the inside secrets — to hiring, onboarding, and ensuring the people on your sales team are motivated and optimized to meet and exceed your sales goals. If you’re a hiring manager at a Fortune 500 firm or a CEO of a small business, you’d do well to put into practice Salz’s proven techniques to attract and retain those rare sales individuals who will help take your company to the next level.
Sam Richter, best-selling author and top-rated sales success speaker, www.samrichter.com
What is shared in Hire Right, Higher Profits is not your typical sales management theory, but rather practical and useful processes that really works. How do I know? I implemented this methodology with my sales team. Not only did the new salespeople get up to speed faster, they sold at higher levels than other teams.
Donna G. Kirtz, award-winning sales management executive
Anyone connected with sales will benefit from reading this book. Lee provides a compelling argument for investing in revenue rather than just hiring salespeople. In Hire Right, Higher Profits, Salz gives sales managers and C-level executives a road map for creating a successful sales force and protecting that investment in revenue. And every salesperson who wants to take his/her game to the next level will appreciate this straightforward path to meeting and beating sales expectations.
Lorraine Howell, author of Give Your Elevator Speech a Lift!