BexGuide Testimonial

Harlan Goerger’s proven Leadership Keys are the foundation upon which to build a prosperous enterprise. However, as Harlan points out in this interesting and concise chapter, most business owners and managers don’t use them … or mis-use them. Leadership is Leadership; the information in this chapter is applicable to Fortune 500 managers and to the sole proprietorship. I highly recommend reading this as anyone putting the 5 Keys to work will gain an unbelievable edge over the competition.
Lyle R. Johnson, Ph.D., MBA, President, L R Johnson, Inc, LasVegas, NV
Myrna’s process, simply put, is incredible! It is streamlined, it is concise and I have no doubt, it works.
Joe Elphick, President - 3C Packaging
Often the idea of risk management inspires fear. However, with Peg it’s not about paranoia, but rather about assessing what the potential risks are and the realistic steps one’s organization can take to minimize the risk and maximize effectiveness. If you can’t work with her directly, I highly recommend her books and webinars.
Celine Schein, Executive Director, Chitresh Das Dance Company, San Francisco, CA
Dr. Richard Norris has done it again. His thought provoking insight, questions and supportive giving are right on. I have been giving and supporting my network, now I can leverage that giving even more. As a business leader searching for the correctly aligned clients and partners, I have been able to implement this strategy and it has been extremely successful.
Jim Browning, President & CEO, Lifestyle Architecture™ North America Inc
Sarah Day has taken the guess work out of pricing. She provides directives that are clear and precise and I really appreciate the examples that she has included. She has affirmed that consumers are still looking for quality in a product and integrity in the work that’s being done. Money and pricing are important, yes, but it’s the value and service that’s given that truly makes for profitable small business. Sarah Day understands this.
Cathleen Clifford-Cordes, Office Manager, London Chimney Sweeps, LTD.
Even after producing, promoting, and presenting web seminars for the past year, I still learned some good techniques that we can start to use immediately.
Eric Fraser, Project Manager, Marketing Communications, Filemaker
The light bulb went off as I read Sarah’s chapter on pricing strategies! As a business owner who is setting price expectations in a relatively new market, I learned that proper analysis of key information is essential in determining our profitability. And knowing our profitability, along with some other factors that Sarah shares, will help us to determine our initial pricing strategy.
Pamela Grover, Owner,
Lee Salz’ sales compensation chapter provides an effective compensation strategy that is instantly actionable and easily measured
Paul Nolan, Editor-in-Chief, SalesforceXP Magazine
I learned the importance of “paying myself first” before deploying subcontractors for billable work. It helped me boost my profitability and increase my productivity.
Kevin Munsterman, President, K M Network Services, Inc.
I’d put Sam Richter in the top ten, worldwide, of people who "get" how to create genuinely value-based business relationships. Sam is all about substance.
Betsy Buckley, President and Chief Rainmaker, WHAT MATTERS, Using EveryDayRain™
In a small business, it is extremely easy to get wrapped up in the day to day stuff. To be able to pause for breath, reflect and create a compelling purpose for your businesses future is never easy. The Dynamics of Great Business Development equips you with an incredibly cost effective nine step process and 3 great strategies that you can apply now to create your vision and take action to ensure success.
Lee Cooper, Director Transcend Executive, UK
John Myrna’s strategic planning process has directly contributed to our tenfold increase in EBITDA.
Bob Posten, Co-president tnsLandis - tnsLandis Strategy & Innovation
We’ve used Salz’ sales compensation strategy for Archway Marketing’s sales team. With Lee, we developed a very simple to understand yet detailed SBO™ program for both our new and tenured business development team members. Instead of guessing where we are related to pipeline analysis, thanks to Lee’s methodology we now have measurable milestones by rep that are tracked and reported. The compensation plan that corresponds to these milestones is a win for both the company and our business development team.
Mike Moroz, President, Archway Marketing
Gary Gack’s vast practical experience and industry knowledge is a real asset to his teaching of Lean Six Sigma process improvement. His adaptation of the lean and six sigma materials to a small companies’ setting allowed us to economically bring six sigma to our company and we are starting to see the results.
Chad Haggerty, Director of Quality Assurance, Ulticom
Drew Stevens not only understands the sales game but he shows you a through and effective way to play and achieve results."
Barbara Dressel, President, eMED International, Inc.
The improvements we have made to our recruiting and selection process are preventing costly mistakes. The systems that Danita Bye has suggested are both effective and efficient to use.
Jim Cope, President, Cornerstone Office Systems Inc.
Proper alignment of sales compensation with respect to a companies overall goals is a major key to achieving success. Compensation drives individual behavior which in turn drives activities and ultimately results. All too often compensation or incentive plans focus on “areas of interest” such as new accounts or a new product and they lose sight of the companies overall goals. Lee Salz’ sales compensation chapter and SCET™ process insures that doesn’t happen….
Larry Reeves, Chief Operating Officer, Association of Inside Sales Professionals
In today’s world of technology with business conducted very impersonally, networking face to face and building long-term relationships is still crucial to ultimate business success. Cindy gives a simple step by step formula that everybody can use.
Elaine M. Chaffee, SPHR, Executive, Vice President, Career Transitions, LLC
Andy’s teachings have multiple effects in optimizing our business – saving time, being more effective in improving my bottom line while growing sales with more ease.
Pandora Pang,President,On A Higher Note, LLC
So many great ideas and information! I like that this article addressed the influence of emotion in our pricing decisions - as well as how to calculate job costing, break even, and product margin. Excellent article. Thanks!
Susan Nelson, Speaker/Writer,
...Our company has seen measurable results working with Hillary Feder & her team.
John Wing, President, Quantitative Advantage
I have found that Dave Hubbard’s method of exercise is the perfect solution for getting in shape and staying fit. I am losing weight, gaining strength, and getting in good cardio shape in the same amount of time as it takes to shower or brush my teeth. This plan is a no brainer!
Trey Pope, McCullough & Associates
Roger Courville is the web seminar guru. Not only is he an outstanding practitioner, but he is an invaluable source of knowledge, tips, and best practices.
Mireia Fontbernat, Director of Marketing Programs, Oblicore
I have studied every negotiation program on the planet that I could find and the stealth negotiation principles taught by Andy Miller are by far the most powerful I have ever used! My clients rave about this approach because it is so natural, easy to use and totally disarming... even with the most seasoned hardcore negotiators. If negotiating is something you do this is a must read!
Tom Schaff, President, Exponentia Growth Systems
Lee Salz’ Compensate to Motivate! chapter is both insightful and practical. Moreover, as a business owner of over 34 years I can (and will!) do something with his advice to impact my company’s bottom line.
Rick Olson, President/CEO, KRM Information Services, Inc.®